5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Warren Zeiders

He’s Had 7 Concussions

Before his country music days, Warren Zeiders was actually a dedicated athlete. He spent most of his time playing lacrosse, about 12 years to be exact. Over the time span, he has unfortunately faced many injuries due to the sport, including 7 concussions.

“As long as I can sing, that’s all that matters,” Zeiders jokingly told Circle.

He’s Been Stabbed by a Tree, Twice

Adding to his long list of injuries, Zeiders told Circle that he has actually been stabbed by a tree not once, but twice.

“Long story short, I actually have a scar in the shape of a lightening bolt because of one of the times,” he said. “I think God was foreshadowing that I would be writing a song about lightening and be where I am today,” he said referring to his hit song “Ride the Lightening.”

He’s Actually a Very Good Golfer

Once an athlete, always an athlete.

Zeiders revealed that he’s actually really good at golf, despite never playing before.

“Surpisingly, I’m good at golf,” he revealed. “Never golfed in my life and I picked it up while touring,” he adds. “Now whenever I have a day off, me and the boys will go hit some balls.”

He’s a Really Good Cook

During his pastime after lacrosse, Zeiders actually picked up the handy talent of cooking.

“I’m actually a pretty good cook, he admitted. “I was huge into body building before I did music, so when it comes to cooking, I can make a pretty good meal.”

He’s Part Native American

Zeiders let us in on a bit of his families culture when telling us the last fact about him.

“From my mothers side, I actually have Native American in my blood,” he told Circle.

Warren Zeiders debut album Pretty Little Poison is set to release on August 25 of this year. The title track is currently available everywhere, giving fans a glimpse of what they can expect.