Mariah Faith

American Idol Contestant Declared a “Star” By Katy Perry After Country Audition

Season 21 American Idol judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie headed to Nashville, New Orleans and Las Vegas as audition rounds continued on Sunday, March 19. First to perform in front of the celebrity panel was 21-year old Mariah Faith.

Born in Baltimore, Faith tells the judges that she relocated to Conway, South Carolina at 8 years old. The move was a call made by her step dad, who Faith described as her “Number 1 supporter and best friend.” He thought it was necessary for Faith to be around people who could help her career as a singer.

“Somehow, he just new I deserved to be singing,” Faith says.

Unfortunately, in 2019, Faith’s step dad unexpectedly passed away due to an unforeseen heartattack. As Faith stepped in to brace the judges, she kept her step dad in her thoughts.

She started off her audtion by singing “When You Come Around,” by Vince Gill, but was stopped by judge Katy Perry, claiming that she felt she was “playing it a little safe.”

“There is a lion that needs to be let loose in there,” Katy explains. She suggested that Faith sing Bonnie Raitt’s classic “Can’t Make You Love Me,” instead.

She accepted the challenge, and sang the song with a raw and souful take that left all three judges amazed.

“I had chills the whole time of that performance,” Luke Bryan said.

“What we just heard is just the tip of the iceberg, but your potential could take you seriously all the way,” Richie claimed

Katy Perry, who challenged the singer, was maybe the most impressed by Faith.

“There’s so many subtleties in your voice, I’m hanging on to every syllable”…“You are a star; you’ve got it. One of the most interesting voices this season,” Perry stated.

Faith ended up earning a yes from all three judges, leaving with a golden ticket to Hollywood in her hands.

“I definitely feel like my dad is in the room with me, she says post-audition. “Definitely gave me the boost I need.”

But Faith didn’t leave with just the golden ticket — she was also given an incredible opportunity by the American idol judges.

The judges offered Faith the opportunity to open for Season 20 American Idol runner-up HunterGirl and winner Noah Thompson  during a performance in Nashville.

Faiths journey has just begun, and can be followed along every Sunday on American Idol.