Kaeyra American Idol Audition

American Idol Contestant’s Chilling Performance Gets Standing Ovation

Not many people can say that they’ve recieved a standing ovation from Luke Bryan, but this one contestant surely can.

On Sunday night, March 26th, American Idol broadcasted its last round of auditions before the show goes to Hollywood next week. Prior to that, a clip of Kaeyra’s audition for the show was released, showing her take the stage in front of the celebrity panel.

Kaeyra, a singer/ songwriter originally from Algonquin, Illinois, auditioned with a performance of Chris Stapleton’s “Cold.” Taking a seat behind a white grand piano, the singer gave a soulful rendition of the song.

All judges seemed to be impressed with what Kaeyra brought to the audition, so much so that judge Luke Bryan gave her a standing ovation after her performance.

“I wasn’t expecting that!” Luke Bryan told her as he admired the contestant’s vocals. “You don’t sound like anybody else. You can tell you’ve sat at the piano and you can just tell that music’s been in your world. It was great, it was really great.”

In a chance to get to understand Kaeyra a bit better, judge Katy Perry asked the contestant where she usually sings.

“I work at a restaurant. I sing four hours a night, four days a week,” Kaeyra informed. 

She elaborated, saying that she is only allowed to sing covers of songs at her workplace.

“If you get to go to Hollywood, I want to hear something less slow because you have this vibrato that’s really cool,” Perry told her. “All the world is not a steakhouse.” 

“All we’re talking about is range,” Lionel Richie made clear. “If we can get some of that moody voice you have and put it across a fast song, mid-tempo song, slow song, you’ve got all the range you need to make an artist out of this.”

All three judges voted “Yes” for Kaeyra to move on to Hollywood, having her walk out of her audition with a Golden Ticket.

You can keep up with Kaeyra’s journey on American Idol, airing every Sunday night.