Facebook: Bailey Zimmerman, Jonas Brothers

Bailey Zimmerman Teams Up With the Jonas Brothers for New Song “Strong Enough”

Last week, Bailey Zimmerman and the Jonas Brothers sent their fans into a frenzy of excitement with some playful hints about an upcoming collaboration. Now, we’ve been treated to an official teaser!

The Jonas Brothers dropped a subtle hint about the potential collaboration on social media, sharing a photo featuring four Red Solo cups— three for the brothers and one with “Bailey” written on it. Fueling the speculation further, Bailey Zimmerman himself left a comment on the post.

The exciting news has now been confirmed, as Zimmerman posted a teaser on TikTok. The clip showcased Zimmerman singing the new track, titled “Strong Enough,” and to everyone’s surprise, the Jonas Brothers made a cameo appearance, adding an extra layer of thrill to the mix.

@bailey.zimmerman BZ x @Jonas Brothers is GOIN DOWN🤩 “Strong Enough” DROPS November 10th😳 AND you can Presave it at the link in my bio❤️ #musictok #musicoftiktok ♬ Strong Enough Jonas Brothers and Bailey Zimmerman – Bailey Zimmerman

This unexpected blend of pop and country is undeniably a surprising twist, and it’s something we didn’t realize we needed until now!