Blake Shelton Brings 6-Year-Old Awaiting Heart Transplant On Stage For ‘God’s Country’ Duet

Six-year-old Wyatt McKee was picked out of the crowd by Country superstar Blake Shelton to join him on stage during his show in Durant, Oklahoma. What caught Shelton’s eye? It wasn’t the bright orange hat or the Spiderman backpack, but instead it was the sign that the young boy held from his front-row view.

Pulling Wyatt up on stage and crouching down to his level, Shelton read from his first sign, “Your smallest, biggest fan from Lake Texoma, 6 years old waiting on a heart transplant.” On the second sign, Wyatt asked if he could join in on singing “God’s Country” with Shelton.

Think y’all are having a bad day? Put that in perspective right there, man,” Shelton said to the audience. The singer happily accepted Wyatt’s request and the two belted out the chorus of the track off Shelton’s Fully Loaded: God’s Country album.

Wyatt’s mom, Harley McKee, has previously shared about her son’s journey battling hypoplastic left heart syndrome on social media and how he is currently waiting on a heart transplant. She received an overwhelming amount of support from those who saw Wyatt’s story, including someone who works with his aunt and decided to gift both of them the tickets to attend Shelton’s show.

Following the show, Harley posted the footage of the heartwarming duet on her Facebook page, which prompted others to do the same with the once-in-a-lifetime moment. 

“I don’t know if Blake Shelton will ever see this but I just want to let him know he is awesome and officially my favorite person he absolutely made Wyatt’s day thank you so much to him and everyone who stopped us to tell him how great he was on stage and told him they are praying for him!!!”

“Definitely a night to remember!!! #WyattStrong,” she added to the caption.

Blake responded to a tweet which included the video saying, “This little buddy made my night. Thank you for singing “God’s Country” with me Wyatt!”

@melanie_bser @blakeshelton you are amazing! 🙏 for Wyatt! #BlakeShelton#Durant ♬ original sound - Melanie

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