The Southern Weekend

Circle Network Announces Latest Season Of Its Hit Series ‘The Southern Weekend,’ Taking Viewers On Adventures Around The South With Runaway June’s Natalie Stovall; Tune-In Starting Thursday, April 13 at 10/9c

Hosted by country music singer/songwriter and member of Runaway June Natalie Stovall, the series will follow Stovall as she travels around the South visiting the region’s greatest restaurants, museums, music venues, attractions and small businesses alongside guest hosts Molly McKinney and Morgan Myles, with fellow country music artists including DeeOhGee, Tigrlily and more.

WHO:  Circle, the award-winning country music and lifestyle network and official TV home of the Grand Ole Opry.

WHAT:  From the food to the museums to the music venues, the Southern United States is filled with unique culture and history. Hosted by country singer/songwriter Natalie Stovall,  country music and lifestyle network, Circle Network, is set to bring viewers behind the scenes in some of the South’s most iconic restaurants, museums, music venues and more in season six of “The Southern Weekend,” premiering Thursday, April 13 at 10/9c pm. This season, Stovall and recurring guest hosts Molly McKinney and The Voice’s Morgan Myles will travel through cities including Memphis, New Orleans, Nashville, Columbia and Baton Rouge with some of their musical friends including DeeOhGee, Bowen Young, Tigirlily, Talibah Safiya and more, trying each cities most iconic food and checking out the best activities.

“The Southern Weekend” also showcases small businesses throughout the region, as Stovall and guests visit with the owners of several shops and get to know them and the mission behind their business. Across Nashville, the guests visit Hattie Jane’s Creamery with owner Claire Crowell, Wanna Spoon Cereal Bar with co-owner Kira Lynn, chocolatier Poppy and Peep and the father/daughter duo that owns the shop, and more, shining a light on small businesses throughout the heart of Music City. Plus, each episode is jam-packed with other exciting activities, like curling with the boys from DeeOhGee, tackling an indoor climbing wall with Nate Barnes and rolling fresh sushi in New Orleans.

“I’m thrilled to be back for another season of ‘The Southern Weekend,’ said host Natalie Stovall, “This show really is a place for me to showcase the beauty of the Southern US and meet with the people that truly make it a special place. Plus, you’ll get to see some funny moments of me attempting to rock climb and curl without falling this season!”

“It’s always a joy to partner with Natalie Stovall on another season of ‘The Southern Weekend,’” said Circle’s General Manager Drew Reifenberger. “The show brings some of the most unique and fun activities in the South to life through the eyes of Natalie and her guests, hopefully inspiring some Circle viewers to come check out the food, museums and lifestyle down here in the Southern US.”

Tune in on Thursday, April 13, 2023, at 10/9c for the premiere of season six featuring “The Best of Tennessee,” where Natalie Stovall and Molly McKinney will explore the best finds in the Volunteer State, driving through Nashville, Memphis, Gatlinburg and more.

WHEN:   “The Southern Weekend” season six will premiere on Circle Network at 10/9c pm on Thursday, April 13, 2023. New episodes will air each Thursday night at 10/9c. Check your local listings here.

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