Clint Black Recalls Advising his Nashville Star Mentee, Miranda Lambert to Hit More High Notes

Before Clint Black became a host on Circle Network’s Talking in Circles with Clint Black, he was a mentor on Season 1 of the USA Network show, Nashville Star. Clint recently shared with Taste of Country Nights that he still remembers the advice he gave to 19-year-old Miranda Lambert on the competition show that first aired 18 years ago.

In addition to Miranda, Clint was also a mentor to the other contestants on the show including the winner of Season 1, Buddy Jewell. The “Killin’ Time” singer-songwriter ended up producing Buddy’s self-titled album for Columbia records after the competition concluded. Clint served as a producer for the second and third place winners as well, which turned out to be John Arthur Martinez and Miranda.

“She sang in the studio for me when I was producing the single, and I had her doing some stuff, and she didn’t like doing that,” Black recalls. “And I told her and her mom, ‘You know when she goes up in her high range, that’s the pixie dust. That’s the magic. And she needs to do more and more of that.’ But she didn’t want to, and I thought, man, she sounded great doing that stuff.” 

Miranda took her feedback from Clint and ran with it. She went on to sign with Epic Records and soon after dropped her debut single at radio – “Me and Charlie Talking” – and then her Kerosene album. By 2008, Miranda had her first spot in the Top 10 with her powerful single “Gunpowder and Lead,” and she was preparing for the release of her next album, Revolution. This record would prove to take her to the next level in her career.

On March 7, 2022, Miranda achieved the highest honor at the 57th ACM Awards as she was crowned Entertainer of the Year. Still to this day, Clint remembers when she was just a budding artist trying to make it in the game. Miranda has certainly come a long way since learning that her high range was her “pixie dust.” 

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Photo credit: Taste of Country and R. Diamond/WireImage, Getty Images

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