It’s CORN! We all know the crazy corn song has been playing in the back of everyone’s mind these past couple weeks. Whether you’re sitting at the office or cooking in the kitchen, that catchy trend can’t seem to get out of your head!

Take it from our good friend and rising country star, Walker Hayes, who got his whole family involved for this corn jam session! Click here for the full video of this wholesome moment! Who knew that corn could bring a family together?!


It’s 🌽 @Tariq (Korn Boy) jam sesh in the kitchen💪😂

♬ original sound - Walker Hayes

Better yet, country legend Blake Shelton shared his own version of the trend with his single, “Corn.” Click here for Blake’s take on this corny TikTok trend!

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It’s Corn (Blake’s Version) 🌽 -Team BS #itscorn

♬ Corn - Blake Shelton

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