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Craig Campbell Reveals a Secret About His New Album ‘The Lost Files: Exhibit B’ That Nobody Knows (Exclusive)

On August 25th, Craig Campbell released his newest album, “The Lost Files: Exhibit B,” which includes songs that have been in production for a decade. This album holds a special place in his heart, and he recently discussed it with Circle All Access.

When asked about his favorite song on the album, Campbell had a difficult time choosing. He emphasized that these songs were special because of the ten-year journey they represented.

“One song that makes me really excited is the track called ‘You,’ Campbell reveals. “My wife, Mindy, wrote it.” He goes on to explain that this song was originally intended for an earlier album but didn’t make it due to record label issues.

However, the significance of the song goes beyond the reason of his wife writing it. Campbell describes it as a beautiful love song that has stood the test of time, still holding a special place in his heart after a decade.

“After all of that, I still love it as much as I did ten years ago,” he says.

Regarding his inspiration for this album, Campbell says that it came from many things in his life.

“Inspirations behind this album were all over the place,” Campbells says. ” It was family, country living, partying…all kinds of stuff.”

Campbell’s main goal was to ensure that every song on the album was something he genuinely loved. He even admitted that he has listened to each track over a hundred times, not for critique but because of his deep affection for them.

Campbell also shares a personal secret about the album- something he’s pretty sure nobody knows about any of his albums.

He revealed that he always reserves the third position on each of his albums for the song that holds the most significance to him. This practice is inspired by his all-time favorite album, “It’s All About to Change” by Travis Tritt, which features his favorite song of all time in the third slot. Campbell has long said that if he ever had the opportunity to release an album, he would ensure that his most meaningful song found its place in the third spot.

Infused with love, cherished memories, and heartfelt emotion, Craig Campbell has poured his heart and soul into ‘The Lost Files: Exhibit B.’ The entire album is available for download right now.