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David Nail Releases New 4 Song EP ‘Best of Me’

Country music singer and songwriter David Nail has dropped his latest EP, called ‘Best of Me,‘ which includes four must-hear songs.

The EP features his popular previously released tracks, as well as a fresh new single titled “Silverado.”

“Silverado is one of the most fun songs I’ve ever been a part of writing, and there was an immediate feeling in the room that this would be a blast playing live,” Nail said in a statement. “We initially planned to release this last Fall but the pause allowed us to really take another look at it, and I think, enhance the overall sound,” he added.

With a mix of modern country vibes and heartfelt storytelling, ‘Best of Me‘ takes you on a journey through a summer romance, starting with the carefree days of a summer fling portrayed in the track “Sunset Carousel,” and perfectly flows into the heartfelt anticipation of a marriage proposal, expertly depicted in the solo written track, “Best of Me.”

The sentimental “Best of Me” music video shows heartwarming scenes from David and his wife Catherine’s wedding, along with snippets of their life together now.

Watch the official music video for the title track “Best of Me” below:

You can download David Nail’s new EP ‘Best of MeHERE.

Best of Me EP Track Listing:
1. Sunset Carousel (David Nail, Grant Vogel, Robyn Collins)
2. Wherever You Are Tonight (David Nail, Grant Vogel, Robyn Collins)
3. Best of Me (David Nail)
4. Silverado (David Nail, Grant Vogel, Robyn Collins)