Did Miley Cyrus Secretly Release an Album Under a Fake Name?

Miley Cyrus has a history of taking on various identities, including her famous alter ego Hannah Montana. Currently, there is speculation among some of her fans that she may have taken on a new persona named “Clara Pierce.”

This week, a Spotify album titled “Down with Me,” uploaded by an artist named Clara Pierce, gained viral attention on social media due to the familiar raspy voice singing, which undeniably seems to belong to Miley Cyrus.

@sarahhh.beth6 Released the SAME day endless vacation too? Literally what is going on? #mileycyrus #miley #clarapierce #newmileycyrus ♬ Hands of Time – Clara Pierce

After fans caught word of the rumor, people started to point out that the album was posted on March 10, the same day Miley released her real album, Endless Summer Vacation.

The album artwork depicts the title in Rae Dunn font across a Pinterest-like mountain landscape, and the account photo doesn’t resemble Cyrus at all.

Fans have deep dived, finding that there are connections between the album and Cyrus’ career. The song “Sagittarius” can be a reference to her star sign and a line from her song “She Is Coming.”

It was also pointed out that the song “At Least I Can Say That I Tried” on the mystery album, echos the theme of her previous released works, including her hit “Slide Away.”

Fans are assuming that the name “Clara Pierce” could be a parody of Beyoncé’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce. It is also speculated that the songs may be high-quality leaks from her past albums.

People are continuing to investigate the possibility of Miley’s double-identity, however, “Down With Me ” has since been removed from Spotify since publication but is still available to stream on Apple Music.