marie wise-hawkins

Exclusive Premiere: Watch Marie Wise-Hawkins’ Music Video For “Somewhere In Mexico”

Circle Network is excited to announce the premiere of Marie Wise-Hawkins‘ new music video for “Somewhere In Mexico.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the bohemian-meets-country tune, Marie says that the song “Somewhere in Mexico” was inspired by a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“When I returned to reality, I only thought about the trip. I was constantly daydreaming about it. I needed to write a song about this because I’m sure others can relate to returning to reality and dreaming about being back on vacation when they get back to work,” she said.

“I intended to incorporate all the elements I experienced – from the mariachi bands, ocean waves, sunset, and beach – into the music, creating a transportive experience for listeners,” she added.

“When I shared my theme and idea with my best friend, Heather Duncan, who directed the video, she came up with the idea of the fabric reflecting the dream of being back somewhere in Mexico, alternating between my experience and “daydreaming.”

Marie’s distinctive coastal sound has earned her a place in the country music scene, highlighted by her performances at the legendary Ryman Auditorium. Her talent lies in using acoustic instruments to create a laid-back tropical ambiance that transports listeners to a vacation state of mind, setting her apart from other artists in the genre. She has shared the spotlight with country music sensations such as Brad Paisley, Cole Swindell, Darius Rucker, LeAnn Rimes, and Zac Brown Band. Currently, Marie can be found performing at Nashville’s Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, six days a week.

“I am so happy with how the video came out,” Marie shared, “it perfectly represents the song. The song & music video brings the listeners on that dreamy romantic weekend with me.”

Watch the music video for “Somewhere In Mexico” below: