First Listen: Dan Tyminski’s New Album ‘God Fearing Heathen’ [Circle Exclusive]

Dan Tyminski is returning to his Bluegrass music roots— and Circle is bringing you an exclusive first listen!

Photo credit: Jeff Fasano

After exploring experimental sounds and achieving global-pop success, the 14-time Grammy winner and iconic figure in the Bluegrass/Americana genre is ready to captivate audiences once again with his new album, GOD FEARING HEATHEN.

GOD FEARING HEATHEN is a major milestone in Tyminski’s three-decade career, serving as his first “pure” Bluegrass album in 15 years. It pays heartfelt homage to the genre that ignited his musical passion, showcasing his deep connection to its history.

It’s a fresh take on Bluegrass, where he co-writes to bring new life to the genre while respectfully honoring its origins. Each track highlights Dan Tyminski’s fearless blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing his exceptional artistry.

GOD FEARING HEATHEN not only highlights Tyminski’s exceptional performing talent but also marks his debut as a producer. As the release date approaches, fans can look forward to a new perspective of Bluegrass.

But that’s not all! A song from the album, titled “Keep Your Eye On Kentucky,” will be released as an instant gratitude track starting today (June 2), giving listeners a sneak peek before the album’s official release.

Tyminski expressed to Circle that the unreleased song carries a profound significance for him. “In my mind Kentucky is my home away from home,” he shared.

Listen below to Dan Tyminski’s unreleased track “Keep Your Eye On Kentucky.”

You can also pre-save/pre-order GOD FEARING HEATHEN today, and instantly receive the new song, “G.O.A.T.,” a salute to the back-porch heroes of American Roots Music.

Mark your calendars for June 23, 2023, and prepare to embark on a musical journey like no other with Dan Tyminski’s new album GOD FEARING HEATHEN.

Photo credit: Jeff Fasano

God Fearing Heathen tracklist:
01. “Never Comin’ Home” (Dan Tyminski/Ira Dean)
02. “Hey Brother” (Ash Pournouri/Salem Al Fakir/Tim Bergling/Veronica Maggio/Vincent Pontare)
03. “Keep Your Eye on Kentucky” (Dan Tyminski/Monty Criswell)
04. “Never Met a Stranger” (Dan Tyminski/Luke Dick/Jaida Dreyer)
05. “Silence in the Brandy” (Dan Tyminski/ Megan Mullins)
06. “God Fearing Heathen” (Dan Tyminski/Ira Dean)
07. “G.O.A.T.” (Dan Tyminski/Monty Criswell)
08. “No Song to Sing” (Dan Tyminski/Monty Criswell)
09. “Occam’s Razor” (Dan Tyminski/Monty Criswell)
10. “Ode to Jimmy Martin” (Dan Tyminski/Phillip Lammonds)