Farmer Wants A Wife

FOX’s new series “Farmer Wants a Wife” Has City Girls Risking It All

Fox’s newest series “Farmer Wants a Wife” is bringing a country twist to reality TV. The reality show consists of four single farmers who are ready to settle down and find their perfect match. Alongside are a group of women who are ready to leave their city life and head out to the country to meet the men, learn about farming life — and hopefully find love.

As the season progresses, the farmer eliminates potential partners until they ultimately choose one person to pursue a relationship with outside of the show.

The show has been praised for its exposure of rural lifestyle, traditional values, and the importance of finding a partner who shares those values . With its ability to deliver elements of drama, competition and conflict, it will be interesting to see if these farmers will actually find a wife on the show, proving that city girls can be country girls at heart.

The reality show will air weekly on FOX and can be streamed on Hulu every Thursday.