Garth Brooks Launches Global Country Music Radio Station Named ‘The BIG 615’

Garth Brooks is taking country music around the world!

Brooks announced this morning, June 15, that he is introducing The BIG 615, a fresh radio station that aims to provide listeners with an “authentic take on country music that offers up the biggest songs and the biggest artists today,” as stated in an official press release.

“What we want to do is we want to take country music global,” Brooks told Good Morning America. “The country music audience is the most loving, loyal audience you can ever have. We pull all them together around the world.”

The recently launched radio station, named after the Nashville area code, is part of Brooks’ SEVENS Radio network and will offer free streaming through TuneIn.

Brooks expressed that the new station will not only pay tribute to country music legends who are universally adored but also feature tracks from contemporary and emerging country music artists, allowing listeners to discover fresh talent.

“It’s just good, timeless stuff,” Brooks said. “Then there’s also guys that are too young or don’t have the big label support behind them yet. If they’re country, you need to hear them.”

Radio host Storme Warren has been chosen as the official voice of The BIG 615. Warren will be accompanied by an array of guest hosts, including Brooks himself and other notable figures from the industry.