Jelly Roll Gets a Surprising New Hairstyle: “I Can’t Believe I Did This”

Jelly Roll has bid farewell to the mullet life.

The country artist captured the significant milestone in a hilarious video on Instagram, taking us on a wild journey through the transformation process.

As the video begins, Jelly Roll prepares himself for the grand moment, playfully asking his wife if she will actually miss his hair. He has previously said that she isn’t particularly fond of his luxurious locks, affectionately labeling her as “hair hater No. 1” in his social media post.

To her liking, she was actually able to help cut some of his hair off herself.

Halfway through the cut, Jelly Roll tries to toss his hair back out of habit, only to come to the realization that nothing is there anymore.

“That was weird. I just went to flip my hair and it wasn’t there,” he laughs. “I keep reaching back and I’m so used to twiddlin’ it.”

In the video caption, Jelly Roll humorously questions whether he made a mistake in his decision, but it seems like fans in the comments are 100% behind the change!

“Short haired son of a sinner,” one commenter called him, word playing with his hit song.

“So much better! I’m with your wife on this,” another person said.

“No mistakes were made. Looks great,” another assured.