jelly roll visits inmates
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Jelly Roll Gives Surprise Visit to Recovering Addicts at a Virginia Jail

Following a viral TikTok request, Jelly Roll pleasantly surprised inmates at a Virginia jail over the weekend.

The country sensation was on his 2023 Backroad Baptism Tour and took the opportunity to visit Chesterfield County Jail in Virginia over the weekend. This jail houses the unique Helping Addicts Recover Progressively (HARP) program, where participants voluntarily commit to a minimum six-month inpatient stay as part of a peer-to-peer recovery model.

The program has gained significant attention for its distinct approach, aided by its engaging TikTok presence. Notably, their “Tapping Tuesdays” videos showcase the use of trauma tapping, a therapeutic technique, to support participants’ recovery journeys.

@harptiktok @Jelly Roll we need a favor! #harptok #jailtok #jellyrollofficial #fpy ♬ original sound – HARPTOK

At the beginning of this month, a group of inmates enrolled in the HARP program came together to create a video for TikTok. In this video, they made a request for Jelly to pay a visit to their facility during his tour stop in the town.

“We need you to stop at Chesterfield County Jail. We here in the HARP program — this is the HARP community right here, these are my HARP brothers — we all support you. We love you. We’re big fans,” one of the participants said. “We need you to come through and give us a hope shot. Speak life, love, strength and hope. Jelly Roll, we need a favor.”

The video quickly went viral, catching Jelly Roll’s attention— who eagerly expressed his love and appreciation for the program.

During his visit, Jelly Roll delivered renditions of his popular tracks, harmonized with the inmates, talked with and laughed along with them, and above all, demonstrated to the inmates in recovery that they can overcome addiction and not let it shape their identity.

Throughout his career, Jelly Roll has been very open about his own experience in and out of jail, all while battling addiction himself.

“I don’t even think y’all realize the impact that you all are having, Jelly Roll told the crowd. “When I was here, we didn’t have a program like this. We didn’t have people like us come talk to us.”