Julia Cole Ole Red

Julia Cole Shines at Ole Red Nashville, Giving an Unforgettable Performance and Sneak Peek of Circle’s Ultimate Fan Fest

Last night was a night to remember in Nashville, TN! Rising country artist Julia Cole took the stage at Ole Red, Blake Shelton’s bar on Broadway, and gave a performance that left people talking!

The event, hosted by Circle Network, showcased Julia’s meaningful lyrics, soulful voice, and ability to captivate the audience during her live performances. Cole performed a large number of songs for a packed house including her most streamed song “Best Worst Ex,” her duet “Things I Can’t Say” with Spencer Crandall who surprised the crowd with a guest appearance, and a tearful acoustic performance of “White Pearls,” a song Cole wrote for her grandmother, Maudie.

This was the first full band show Cole has played at Ole Red. “I saw so many familiar faces in the crowd,” Julia said. “I’ve played all over the world, and it’s really fun to have a show where all of my Nashville family can be here. It felt like I was able to bring something home that I’ve given to the rest of the world.”

During her performance, Cole gave a sneak peek of Circle Network’s newest series, Circle’s Ultimate Fan Fest in which Julia is the host. The premiere will be hitting the Circle screen Thursday, April 13 at 10:30/9:30 p.m. CT as Julia travels to all the best festivals around the country exploring the food, music, and experiences that each festival has to offer.

After the show, Julia Cole gave insight to Circle Network about a lot of “firsts” she has experienced lately. From her first Grand Ole Opry performance, to her first TV show with Circle Network, and her recent engagement, it has been a crazy ride for Cole.

“My favorite part about my Grand Ole Opry debut was getting to have my entire family there,” Cole told Circle. Cole goes on to say how her most memorable moment from the night was hearing her grandmother say how much she loved and believed in her before she took the stage.

It’s no secret that Cole is born to perform, which definitely helped when hosting her first TV show with Circle Network.

“I was nervous,” Cole admits. “I wanted to be perfect and make sure everything was done right. What I realized was that it’s all about the audience having fun. It was an incredible growing experience. It’s going to be an exciting thing to watch because you’ll see me experience things I may never experience again. And you’ll be able to live with me through those moments.”

As Cole performs on stages all over the globe, she always has a special guest with her — her late grandfather, Poppy. Cole has curated a line of clothing incorporating fabrics from western shirts that her grandfather once owned into her outfits.

“He was the best dressed man in Louisiana,” she recalls. “He had a lineup of designer western shirts. I asked him if I could wear something of his for my Grand Ole Opry debut and he told me I could as long as I didn’t stretch it out,” Cole joked. Sadly, Poppy passed away before Julia made her Opry debut, but with the help of Bluff Agency, Cole has been able to use all of her grandfather’s apparel to make sure he is always with her as she performs.

Being newly engaged, Cole gave Circle insight on if her grandfather’s clothing will make an appearance at her wedding.

“So my mom’s wedding dress was actually made by my grandmother,” she told Circle. “I want to wear my mom’s wedding dress — but I want it to be tailored and altered to bring in some of Poppy, too.”

It’s very special that Julia Cole is sharing her journey as she balances family and her love for music along with her fans. It is easy to resonate with her because of her honesty about her experiences and emotions.

If you want to see more of Julia, she will be taking over Circle Network this Saturday, March 18 where you can see her relive her Opry Debut on an episode of My Opry Debut at 10/9 p.m. CT and see an exclusive preview of Circle’s Ultimate Fan Fest at 10:30/9:30 p.m. CT.