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Kylie Frey Receives Standing Ovation For America’s Got Talent Audition Dedicated to Her Grandpa

Auditions for Season 18 of America’s Got Talent are still going strong, featuring an array of talented acts. Among the contestants catching the audiences attention is Kylie Frey, a former rodeo queen who has now embraced her passion for country music.

An early release of the newest episode showcases the country singer from Opelousas, Louisiana, standing barefoot in front of the panel of judges. With confidence and grace, she delivers an original song titled “Horses in Heaven.”

Prior to her audition, Frey openly confessed to the panel of judges that she was feeling “very nervous.” However, once she began singing, it became apparent that she had quickly settled into her element, appearing as a natural throughout her performance.

“So I wrote this song for my grandpa, Frey said regarding the inspiration behind her song. “He always told me, if I sing the National Anthem for every rodeo that I showed up to, one day, someone would ask me to sing the National Anthem at the NFR, which is the Super Bowl of rodeo. That’s how I was gonna get my start because that’s how Reba did and that’s how I was gonna do it too.”

As the song reached its end, the final lyric from Frey’s performance— “Grandpa taught me how to ride, on a buckskin mare when I was five, he told me the way to life was in my blood,”  evoked a heartfelt response from host Terry Crews, who yelled, “Beautiful!” from the side of the stage.

To Frey’s surprise, she even caught the attention of her musical idol, Reba McEntire.

You can tune into America’s Got Talent for weekly episodes on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT.