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Jimmie Allen Reveals His Ultimate Pre-Performance Pump Up Song— And It’s Not What You Think!

Jimmie Allen may be known for his country music hits, but when asked what his “pump up” song was to prepare for his shows, you’ll be shocked to find out it isn’t a country song!

During an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Jimmie Allen talked about his favorite pre-show ritual, involving a song to get him pumped up before heading on stage. The country music star revealed that the song to give him an energy boost is the tune “Popular” from the Wicked musical.

“Yeah, that’s my jam,” Allen says. “I play it. I’m putting my jewelry on. Got my skinny jeans on. And I look in the mirror…”

Jimmie Allen surprised Clarkson and the audience by suddenly launching into an unplanned performance of “Popular,” accompanied by some fancy footwork. Without warning, he leapt out of his seat on the couch and began spinning around, before moving closer to Clarkson to serenade her.

“Here’s the thing.. You’re good at this!” she replied. “Would you do, like, a movie musical?”

Jimmie Allen has proven time and time again that he is a natural born performer, whether it was with his swift dance moves when he participated on Dancing With The Stars, or as a judge on the singing competition My Kind of Country. So naturally —he is up for the opportunity!

“One of my dreams is to play Aaron Burr on Hamilton,” he says. “I did theater all through high school and college. Yeah. I wanna go to Broadway…I love theater. I listen to it while I’m driving. I listen to whole soundtracks.”

Maybe we can look forward to seeing Jimmie Allen on broadway in the future?!

Watch the full conversation below: