Luke Bryan and Caroline Bryan

Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline’s $8,000 Gift to Lucky Fan – A Crazy Surprise!

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline just made one lucky fan’s wildest dreams come true!

In March, a man named Elvis phoned in to the Bobby Bones Show and shared his idea to surprise his wife on their 20th wedding anniversary by gifting her tickets to Adele’s Las Vegas Residency. However, he informed listeners that an average ticket price was about $1,500 , making his plan less likely to happen.

Little did he know that Caroline Bryan was listening in.

During a March 14th show segment, Bones reconnected with Elvis over the phone and revealed that Caroline had heard his call on-air and was wanting to lend a helping hand. The host went on to announce that the Bryans had graciously offered to cover the expenses for Elvis and his wife to see Adele!

This week, Elvis phoned Bones again to provide them with an update about the tickets. The Bryans fulfilled their commitment, and their assistant contacted Elvis shortly after his initial appearance on the radio program to arrange the specifics. In a matter of minutes, Elvis received the tickets via email. He revealed that the Bryan’s spent $8,000 on both tickets, shocking everyone in the room!