Luke Combs Joe Cover Art

Luke Combs Shares Meaninful Message Behind New Song “Joe”

Luke Combs released a new song, “Joe,” on February 24 off his upcoming album Gettin’ Old.

Where many songs in country music are about drinking and partying, and while Combs admits to being a culprit of that, “Joe” addresses a more serious topic of alcoholism and addiction.

In an Instagram post, Luke wrote “I’ve got buddies who live a sober lifestyle, and I’m sure y’all know someone who has struggled with these type of things, or maybe you yourself do,” he continues, “I’ve always wanted a song for those people to have for themselves. To have a song they can sing at the top of their lungs and feel like they’re not forgotten.”

Read Luke’s full statement on the song below.

The chorus includes lyrics like “I thank the Lord every morning with a sweet amen / For how far I come from, where I been / So here’s to good days and better tomorrows / And a light at the end of the bottle.”

Listen to a preview of “Joe” below.

“Joe,” written by Combs along with Erik Dylan and James Slater, comes off Luke’s new album Gettin’ Old set to arrive on Friday, March 24. Gettin Old’ is the second half of his double-album, Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old.