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Meet the larger-than-life spouses of some of today’s brightest stars and find out what gives them their own star power. 

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Season 1

Kristen Worsham - Country music artist Charlie Worsham’s wife Kristen has a heart of gold. She works for Nashville’s Community Foundation, an organization that provides an infrastructure for people establishing charities. The happily married couple met “Following Their Hearts” in their common goal to help others.
Samantha Busch - NASCAR champion Kyle Busch and his wife, Samantha, had difficulty conceiving a baby. They were blessed with son Braxton after an expensive IVF procedure. Samantha started her “Bundle of Joy Fund” to help couples less fortunate to conceive and have families of their own.
Christina Ballard - Christina Ballard, wife of country singer Frankie Ballard, was an actress in L.A. and met Frankie on the set of his music video for the song “Helluva Life.” Christina moved to Nashville, married Frankie, and founded Old Smokey Boots. Her line of personally stylized boots is coveted by country music stars and took Nashville by storm.
Caroline Hobby - Caroline Hobby is a Texas girl who wrote songs with highly acclaimed songwriters, formed a band called "Stealing Angels," and was on the show "Amazing Race." She then had to re-invent herself when it all went away. Today, Caroline Hobby is a mom, the host of "Nashville Insider," the host of a podcast called “Get Real,” and is married to Michael Hobby, the lead singer of the band "A Thousand Horses."
Kate Moore - Kate Moore is married to country music star Justin Moore. The couple live in Arkansas, where Kate runs a kid’s clothing store called “This Little Piggy.” As a parent to four small children, Kate was frustrated finding suitable clothes for her kids and took matters into her own hands by opening a children’s clothing store of her own.
Cactus Moser (Part 1) - Cactus Moser was a session drummer in Los Angeles and formed the band “Highway 101.” Highway 101 opened for The Judd’s tour and Wynonna caught his eye. However, they didn’t start a relationship until 20 years later. After being happily married and deeply in love, they suffered a tragic experience. One day on a motorcycle ride, Cactus' bike was faulty, and Wynonna watched her new husband slam into oncoming traffic.
Cactus Moser (Part 2) - Cactus survived the motorcycle crash, but with a crushed hand and the loss of his leg, he had an uphill battle in order to call himself a drummer again. To his doctor’s astonishment he achieved that goal months before anyone predicted. And eventually he was doing what he loved - drumming and producing in his studio and touring with Wynonna & The Big Noise.

Season 2

Kori Green - On this episode of Better Half we meet Kori Green, wife of Texas singer/songwriter Pat Green. Married in Luckenbach, Kori inspired most of Pat’s songs. Kori manages motherhood, being a musician’s wife and runs two businesses, Jewelry making (Kori Green Designs) and Clearly Handbags.
Charlie Kelley - This episode of Better Half features Charlie Kelley husband of TV Host Nan Kelley. Charlie’s many talents include: playing guitar for countless Country Stars, solo artist and being Grammy nominated producer. Their marriage endured serious health scares which strengthened their bond and love. Their TV show Authentic America was the brain child of Charlie which airs on Circle.
Mary Travis - This episode of Better Half features Mary Travis, wife of legendary Country Artist Randy Travis. It’s a story with highs and lows and lots of love. In 2013 Randy had a major stroke and it appeared the Country Star might not make it, but with a fighter like Mary by his side he pulled through and now enjoys life on their Texas Ranch.
Robbie Moore - This episode of Better Half features Robbie Moore, wife of musician Keb’ Mo’. The couple had a chance meeting in L.A. at a cell phone store and sparks flew. They married, had a son and now Robbie figures prominently in Kevin’s career, she runs the label Kind of Blue Music, is his photographer, s well as a loving, grounding force in Kevin and son Carter’s lives.
Natalie Pasley - On this episode of Better Half we meet Natalie Paslay, wife of singer/songwriter Eric Paslay. They met in Nashville working in the Music Biz. Their shared love for songs and songwriting sparked a deep friendship and lasting bond. They rehab houses, raise their daughter and give back to their community by volunteering.
Jill Douglas - They met in an East Tennessee Club where Jill worked and Jerry played music. Ricky Skaggs was their wedding photographer, Bela Fleck Jerry’s Best Man. Jerry played with Alison Krauss and Union Station for 20 years, but it was Jill’s love of music and family that provided the balance for their relationship to work and flourish.

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