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The Clampetts, a poor backwoods family from the hills of the Ozark Mountains, move to posh Beverly Hills, California after striking oil on their land.

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season 2 episodes

Jed Gets The Misery - Jed feels poorly, but to make Elly feel better, Jed reveals that he is faking an illness to please Granny.
Hair-Raising Holiday - A doctor blows the whistle on Granny’s mountain-medicine practice.
Granny's Garden - Granny wants to plough the front lawn of the mansion to grow vegetables.
Elly Starts To School - Elly May is preparing for her first day of the Willows, a finishing school Mrs. Drysdale recommended.
The Clampett Look - A new fashion -- “The Clampett Look” -- comes to Beverly Hills.
Jethro's First Love - Jethro falls in love with a stripper named Chickadee Laverne and takes her home to meet the family.
Chickadee Returns - Chickadee (Barbara Nichols) returns with a new act.
The Clampetts Are Overdrawn - Jed’s bank statement is switched with an unemployed actor with a similar name.
The Clampetts Go Hollywood - Jake and Opal Clampett stay at the Clampett mansion. Jethro and Elly both decide to get in the movie business.
Turkey Day - Mrs. Drysdale’s turkey escapes into the Clampett household and finds a home.
The Garden Party - Mrs. Drysdale is having a garden party and tells the Clampetts not to attend, however, they misunderstand.
Elly Needs A Maw - Jed tells Drysdale, he plans to go back home to look for a wife, Drysdale decides Mrs. Fenwick would be perfect.
The Clampetts Get Culture - The Clampetts decide to get a taste of culture to fit in the high-class society of Beverly Hills.
Christmas at the Clampetts - For Christmas, Mr. Drysdale gives the Clampetts a boat, diving suits, a television, and a chimpanzee.
A Man For Elly - Granny loves one TV Western star, Quirt Manly, and Granny already has him set up for Elly May.
The Giant Jackrabbit - A kangaroo invades the world of the Clampetts, but Granny thinks it’s a big rabbit.
The Girl From Home - An old beau shows up to marry Jethro for his money.
Lafe Lingers On - Lafe Crick returns to the Clampett mansion looking to get rich off of Jed's money.
The Race For Queen - Bob Cummings plays himself and must judge a beauty contest.

Season 1 episodes

The Clampetts Strike Oil - In the first episode Jed Clampett strikes oil, sells his land and moves to a 35 room mansion in Beverly Hills.
Getting Settled - When they arrive at their new mansion they are mistaken for backwoods servants.
Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin - The Clampetts find that the comforts of the mansion, do not always compare to their shack back home.
The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale - When Mr. Drysdale describes Mrs. Drysdale as being a hypochondriac, the Clampetts assume she must be a drunk.
Jed Buys Stock - When Drysdale suggest buying good stock, Jed quickly buys some cows, pigs and chickens. Granny has her own plan.
Trick Or Treat - The Clampetts decide to go visit their new neighbours. Little do they know, it is Halloween.
The Servants - Drysdale attempts another step insocial renovation of the Clampetts by lending them his servants.
Jethro Goes To School - A private school teacher is shocked to learn that her new fifth grade student is Jethro.
Elly's First Date - Elly May is set up with Sonny Drysdale, Sonny tries to kiss Elly’s hand, but she thinks he is trying to bite her
Pygmalion And Elly - Sonny Drysdale plays Pygmalion and Julius Caesar as he resumes his courtship of Elly May.
Elly Races Jethrine - Will Sonny propose to Elly? Can Pearl marry her daughter off? Utter confusion ensues.
The Great Feud - Sonny jilts Elly and the Clampetts load their shootin’ irons for a match with the Drysdales.
Home For Christmas - When The Clampetts decide to return to the country for the holidays, they discover airline travel.
No Place Like Home - Home for Christmas, the Clampetts help Pearl woo Mr. Brewster, a big oil company executive.
Jed Rescues Pearl - Pearl attempts to snag Mr. Brewster until he makes a ridiculous public announcement.
Back To California - Jed is confronted with too many cooks when he invites Pearl and Jethrine to Beverly Hills.
Jed's Dilemma - Jed takes the family on a sight seeing tour of Beverly Hills to cool a feud between Granny and Pearl.
Jed Saves Drysdale's Marriage - Drysdale’s marriage is threatened when he gets a new housekeeper while his wife is away.
Elly's Animals - Police and Elly’s animals converge on the Clampett estate when Pearl starts giving yodeling lessons.
Jed Throws A Wing Ding - Two of Pearl’s ardent suitors come to visit her in Beverly Hills.
Jed Plays Solomon - Granny’s plan to stop Pearl’s yodeling backfires when the police come and find her still.
Duke Steals A Wife - Duke, Jed’s bloodhound, becomes matchmaker for his master and Mlle. Denise, a glamorous Frenchwoman.
Jed Buys The Freeway - A confidence man tries to sell Jed the Hollywood Bowl and a Freeway.
Jed Becomes A Banker - Jed is made a bank vice president so he can compete in an interbank skeet shoot.
The Family Tree - An expert on American history finds evidence that Jed’s family preceded the Mayflower to America.
Jed Cuts The Family Tree - Mrs. Smith-Standish is desperate to find out if the Clampetts did in fact precede the ‘Mayflower.’
Granny's Spring Tonic - Granny serves the Spring Tonic to the family, At the bank, Gloria transforms herself into a gorgeous secretary.
Jed Pays His Income Tax - Granny thinks a man from the IRS is a revenuer and chases him off with her gun.
The Clampetts And The Dodgers - Leo Durocher wants to sign Jethro as a pitcher on the Dodgers.
Duke Becomes A Father - Jed falls for a beautiful Beverly Hills matron.
The Clampetts Entertain - Drysdale comes up for a raise when he lands the Clampett account.
The Clampetts In Court - As the Clampetts are going to the bank, a car bumps into them, the Johnsons in the other car decide to sue them.
The Clampetts Get Psychoanalyzed - An unlucky psychiatrist somehow winds up with Jethro as a patient.
The Psychiatrist Gets Clampetted - The psychiatrist shows an interest in Granny’s mountain remedies.
Ellie Becomes A Secretary - The Clampetts offer to help out at Drysdale’s bank.
Jethro's Friend - The Clampetts show Jethro’s friend how to have some fun

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