Big Kenny's Crank it up garage

Big & Rich’s Big Kenny and his wingman Charlie Pennachio find and meet the builders, crafters and tinkerers of the craziest motorized “projects” you’ve ever seen. Featuring custom cars, motorcycles, boats, planes and a range of other weird, wacky and interesting modes of transportation, Kenny and Charlie chase down their authentic fascination of all things custom.

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The Thunder Buggy - The Thunder Buggy is the original Amish buggy propelled by a jet!
Overkill / Eye Spy Bike - Builder Josh Krager has created a unique Peterbilt and a heavy-duty bike that includes water skis, a faucet and knife switches.
Hippy Trippy Van - Kenny & Charlie check out quirky builds including the Fish Bowl and the Spirit of Lemons, finally getting to the Hippy Trippy Van, which has a shell on its outside built around a VW Rabbit inside.
LimoJet - This is a million-dollar, road-worthy vehicle with a jet exterior and a luxury limo interior.
Rocket Ship Car - Recreating the thrill of riding Euclid Beach Park’s rocket ship ride with their custom vehicle built from one of the rockets at the fair they fell in love with as children.
Hover Golf Cart - The hover golf cart can travel over land and water. Its original intention was to navigate an entire golf course rather than having to stick to a path.
Sgt. Rock - From one of the most decorated custom builders in the world, Stacey David shows Big Kenny and Charlie why his 1941 military 1/2 ton dodge 4x4 is one of the top-rated custom trucks of all time.
Short Cut High / Camp Light - Builder Jerry Bowers creates a low rider look from a bus.
Love Cruiser / Custom Police Bike - One-of-a-kind Harley-Davidson motorcycles customized by the legendary Deadwood Custom Cycles. The Love Cruiser III built for Big Kenny and The Police Cruiser which will be a surprise for the Deadwood police department and the first fully customized Police Cruiser ever returned to active duty in Harley-Davidsons 118 year history.
Season Lookback - Kenny & Charlie hang out at the Garage to reminisce about all of their travels, personalities and crazy builds!

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