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Bonanza is a western following the life of Ben Cartwright and his three sons – Adam, Eric, and Little Joe – on his ranch, The Ponderosa, in Nevada. 

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Season 1 Episodes

Bonanza S1 E19
The Gunmen - A Texas town dominated by two feuding families mistake Hoss and Little Joe for hired bloodthirsty killers.
Bonanza S1 E20
The Fear Merchants - A mayoral candidate causes trouble in town wanting all foreigners to leave.
Bonanza S1 E21
The Spanish Grant - A former dance hall girl poses as a Spanish heiress to claim a land grant, the Cartwrights try to fight the case.
Bonanza S1 E22
Blood on the Land - Murderous Jeb Drummond tries to steal Ponderosa land by kidnapping Adam.
Bonanza S1 E23
Desert Justice - One of the Ponderosa's workers is arrested for murder, but things aren't always what they seem.
Bonanza S1 E24
The Stranger - Traveling from New Orleans, police inspector Leduque comes to arrest Ben Cartwright on a 20 year old murder..
Bonanza S1 E25
Escape to Ponderosa - Three deserters escaped from an Army stockade and bushwack Adam. They hide out at Ponderosa whilst being pursued.
Bonanza S1 E26
The Avenger - Ben and Adam receive help from an unexpected source after being wrongly accused of a crime.
The Last Trophy - A British couple find themselves in some trouble when they are kidnapped along with Adam Cartwright.
Bonanza S1 E28
San Francisco - After warning them of the dangers of the city, two traildrivers are shanghaied after the Ponderosa herd arrives.
Bitter Water - A ranchers son tries to sell land for mining, the Cartwrights fear it could jeopardise a standing agreement.
Bonanza S1 E30
Feet of Clay - A boy's mother dies and father is in prison, the Cartwrights step in to look after him until the uncle arrives.
Dark Star - A gypsy girl believes she is a witch as she was born under a dark star is Banished, Little Joe tries to help.
Death at Dawn - Virginia City is overrun by criminals, now running a protection racket. Citizens must pay or risk an "accident."

Season 2 Episodes

Showdown - A gang of outlaws make off with nearly all the money from Virginia City's Banks, after they break in and rob it.
The Mission - Hoss helps ex army scout Charlie Trent regain his self-esteem, by volunteering him to lead Captain Pender's men.
Bonanza S2 E3
Badge Without Honor - The Cartwights get suspicious of a U.S. Deputy marshal, when they find he is bringing their friend as a witness.
Bonanza S2 E4
The Mill - The Cartwrights construct a grist mill to help disabled neighbour Tom Edwards, who blames Ben for his condition.
Bonanza S2 E5
The Hopefuls - Adam, Hoss, and Sam Board escort a wagon train of Quakers going to California to buy land for their settlement.
Bonanza S2 E6
Denver McKee - While celebrating the return of his daughter Connie, former lawman Denver McKee must help capture an outlaw gang.
Bonanza S2 E7
Day of Reckoning - Matsou and his wife Hatoya nurse Ben back to health, but not all are happy when Ben repays them a piece of land.
The Abduction - Joe and Hoss take their dates to a bizarre traveling carnival, but Joe's date is caught in a deadly ransom plot.
Bonanza S2 E9
Breed of Violence - Joe's friend Dolly Kincaid defies her father and runs off with a handsome stranger who is actually a bank robber.
Bonanza S2 E10
The Last Viking - Hoss's uncle comes to visit and turns out to be the leader of a vicious band of outlaws called the Commancheros.
The Trail Gang - Ben hires a young drifter named Sam Jackson as one of his drovers, but Jackson is really the outlaw Johnny Logan.
The Savage - Adam is wounded by Indians and left for dead, while saving a girl who the Indians believe is a mountain spirit.
Silent Thunder - Little Joe tries teaching a deaf girl sign language after seeing her get mistreated by her father.
The Ape - Hoss befriends a violent man after Adam and Little Joe warned him to stay away.
Bonanza S2 E15
The Blood Line - Todd Grayson looks to avenge his father who was shot in self defence by Ben Cartwright.
Bonanza S2 E16
The Courtship - Adam tries to prove to Hoss his love interest is a Gambler only interested in his money.
Bonanza S2 E17
The Spitfire - A Kentucky mountain clan swears revenge on Little Joe after he shoots a family member for Arson.

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