F Troop

During the Civil war, a brave yet chronically clumsy captain is placed in control of a group of the army’s most troublesome soldiers at the remote Fort Courage.

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Season 2 Episodes

S2-E1 f troop
The Singing Mountie - A Canadian Mounted Policeman arrests Agarn for fur theft and steals the heart of Wrangler Jane from Parmenter.
How to Be F Troop Without Really Trying - When F Troop is ordered to split up and leave Fort Courage, O'Rourke and Agarn are forced to face the grief of separation.
Bye, Bye, Balloon - A Prussian balloonist is assigned to make flying soldiers of the men of F Troop
Reach for the Sky, Pardner - O'Rourke, Agarn and Parmenter try to stop a great train robbery that could cost O'Rourke his beloved saloon.
S2-E5 f troop
The Great Troop Robbery - Sergeant O'Rourke pulls every string he can find to clear Agarn of a robbery charge.
S2-E6 f troop
The West Goes Ghost - O'Rourke and Agarn resign from F Troop to become land promoters.
Yellow Bird - O'Rourke and Agarn bet every cent they own against a $100,000 reward to ransom a beauty who has been captured by unfriendly Indians.
The Ballot of Corporal Agarn - Agarn can decide an election with his single vote, and O'Rourke decides to make it pay off handsomely.
Did Your Father Come from Ireland? - O'Rourke's devilish father descends on F Troop from Ireland and decides to remodel the Fort--or burn it down in the attempt.
S2-E10 f troop
For Whom the Bugle Tolls - F Troop is doomed unless it can find an expert bugler.
S2-E11 f troop
Miss Parmenter - Parmenter's husband-hunting sister, Daphne, causes chaos at Fort Courage in her attempt to marry Bugler Dobbs.
La Dolce Courage - An Italian beauty attracts the attention of every man in F Troop, but her hot-blooded swain swears vengeance against anyone who even looks at her.
S2-E13 f troop
Wilton the Kid - Captain Parmenter's look-alike, the gunman Kid Vicious, terrorizes Fort Courage and makes Parmenter a likely guest of honor for a "necktie party.”
S2-E14 f troop
The Return of Wrongo Starr - When a jinxed cavalryman returns to haunt F Troop, he becomes its only bastion against annihilation by Apache Indians.
S2-E15 f troop
Survival of the Fittest - Captain Parmenter and Corporal Agarn are slated for an army survival test in the wilderness.
S2-E16 f troop
Bring on the Dancing Girls - O'Rourke and Agarn meet their match in a larcenous con man, who takes over operation of their beloved saloon.
The Loco Brothers - Captain Parmenter is kidnapped by a pair of renegade Indians known as the Loco Brothers.
S2-E18 f troop
From Karate with Love - When F Troop gives haven to a beautiful Japanese maiden, it faces the wrath of a frenzied Karate master.
S2-E19 f troop
The Sergeant and the Kid - A 10-year-old boy determines to join F Troop and becomes the responsibility of Sergeant O'Rourke.
S2-E20 f troop
What Are You Doing After the Massacre? - A 147-year-old Indian, Chief Flaming Arrow, decides to capture Fort Courage and win back the United States.
s2-e21 f troop
A Horse of Another Color - F Troop sets out to snare a wild stallion and is captured by the would-be captive.
S2-E22 f troop
V Is for Vampire - Count Sforza from Transylvania looks like a vampire and acts like one, too--and that is enough to panic F Troop.
S2-E23 f troop
That's Show Biz - When a rock-and-roll group, The Bedbugs, threatens to lure Agarn away from F Troop, O'Rourke forms a combo of his own--The Termites.
S2-E24 f troop
The Day They Shot Agarn - Charged with causing the death of his friend Sergeant O'Rourke, Corporal Agarn faces a firing squad.
S2-E25 f troop
Only One Russian Is Coming! Only One Russian Is Coming! - Corporal Agarn's dashing Cossack cousin, Colonel Agarnoff, bedazzles Wrangler Jane with his daring horsemanship and suave approach and threatens to steal her away from Captain Parmenter.
S2-E26 f troop
Guns, Guns, Who's Got the Guns? - O'Rourke , Agarn and Parmenter go undercover to nab a gunrunner who is trading with the Apaches.
Marriage, Fort Courage Style - O'Rourke and Agarn devise a get-rich scheme that includes getting every man in F Troop married--even themselves.
S2-E28 f troop
Carpetbagging, Anyone? - Every man in F Troop rallies to try to save Fort Courage after they are given an eviction notice by a carpetbagger who has bought the town.
S2-E29 f troop
The Majority of Wilton - O'Rourke and Agarn help Parmenter study for promotion to Major, forgetting that if he makes Major, the Captain will leave F Troop.
S2-E30 f troop
Our Brave in F Troop - Chief Wild Eagle joins F Troop to get a tooth pulled and winds up commanding Fort Courage.
Is This Fort Really Necessary? - O'Rourke and Agarn have Wild Eagle kidnap two women in a typical O'Rourke Enterprises plot to save Fort Courage.

Season 1 Episodes

S1- e1 F Troop
Scourge of the West - Sergeant O'Rourke and Corporal Agarn order the unwarlike Hekawi Indians to fake an attack on Fort Courage to impress a visiting lieutenant and to protect their moneymaking rackets.
Don't Look Now, One of Our Cannons Is Missing - Sergeant O'Rourke loans a cannon to the Indians for a Moon Festival, then can't get it back.
S1-E3 F Troop
The Phantom Major - An eager British major is sent to Fort Courage to teach the cavalrymen new ways of fighting Indians.
S1-E4 F Troop
Corporal Agarn's Farewell to the Troops - Agarn believes he is dying and writes a full confession of his illicit activities, and sends it to Washington.
S1-E5 F Troop
The Return of Bald Eagle - Captain Parmenter tries to tame a wild Indian, Bald Eagle, by giving him a birthday party.
S1-E6 F Troop
Dirge for the Scourge - Captain Parmenter and badman Sam Urp meet face-to-face in a shoot-out on the main street of town.
S1-E7 F Troop
The Girl from Philadelphia - Wrangler Jane foils an Eastern socialite's plan to marry Captain Parmenter.
S1-E8 F Troop
Old Ironpants - After two weeks of training in Command School, easygoing Captain Parmenter transforms into a tough disciplinarian.
S1-E9 F Troop
Me Heap Big Injun - Corporal Agarn leaves the army to become a Hekawi brave and push the manufacture of Indian curios.
s1-e10 f troop
She's Only a Build in a Girdled Cage - The enterprising O'Rourke confuses a singer with a bugler's mother.
s1-e11 f troop
A Gift from the Chief - Captain Parmenter is given an Indian baby for saving the life of Chief Wild Eagle.
Honest Injun - A Western con man muscles in on the racket Sergeant O'Rourke has going with the Indians.
s1-e13 f trrop
O'Rourke vs. O'Reilly - Beautiful Lily O'Reilly opens a saloon in Fort Courage and almost ruins Sergeant O'Rourke.
The 86 Proof Spring - Captain Parmenter launches a search for the source of the whiskey the Indians are drinking.
S1-E15 f troop
Here Comes the Tribe - Captain Parmenter must marry Silver Dove or incur the anger of her Hekawi tribe.
Iron Horse Go Home - Paid to give up his tribal land for a railroad, Wild Eagle relocates his Indians inside the fort.
S1-E17 f troop
Our Hero, What's His Name? - Agarn falsely boasts he's killed Geronimo, setting the famous Indian warrior thirsting for Agarn's blood.
S1-E18 f troop
Wrongo Starr and the Lady in Black - Corporal Agarn is betrothed to a pretty widow whose four soldier husbands all died mysteriously.
S1-E19 f troop
El Diablo - Corporal Agarn goes on a manhunt for the notorious bandit El Diablo, his look-alike cousin.
Go for Broke - Parmenter, with the help of an inventor, plays poker to win back F Troop's lost pension fund.
The New I.G. - The peaceful Hekawis win a battle at last, after a bloodthirsty major orders them massacred.
S1-E22 f troop
Spy, Counterspy, Counter Counterspy - Chosen by army brass to test a top-secret bulletproof vest, F Troop is infiltrated by spies.
S1-E23 f troop
The Courtship of Wrangler Jane - Parmenter must decide between bachelorhood and the hand of Wrangler Jane.
S1-E24 f troop
Play, Gypsy, Play - Agarn resigns from the army to follow a beautiful gypsy, who told him he's a gypsy king.
s1-e25 f troop
Reunion for O'Rourke - Sergeant O'Rourke's past catches up with him at a 25th anniversary party arranged by army friends.
s1-e26 f troop
Captain Parmenter, One Man Army - The men of F Troop discover they are not in the army and take off into the carefree civilian world.
Don't Ever Speak to Me Again - O'Rourke and Agarn have a dispute, which divides the whole troop.
S1-E28 f troop
Too Many Cooks Spoil the Troop - O'Rourke installs Agarn as fort cook so they can profit from inflating the food supply lists.
S1-E29 f troop
Indian Fever - Agarn alone keeps seeing an Indian sneaking about the fort, but fellow troopers believe he has Indian fever.
S1-E30 f troop
Johnny Eagle Eye - Nearsighted Vanderbilt wins a marksmanship contest with the help of Wrangler Jane.
S1-E31 f troop
A Fort's Best Friend Is Not a Mother - Parmenter's domineering mother wants him transferred to a safer post.
S1-E32 f troop
Lieutenant O'Rourke, Front and Center - O'Rourke is promoted to Lieutenant, endangering his secret business ventures.
S1-E33 f troop
The Day the Indians Won - Chief Wild Eagle fakes an attack on Fort Courage to keep his tribe in good standing with the Indian Council.
S1-E34 f troop
Will the Real Captain Try to Stand Up - The town drunk is allowed to pose as F Troop commander during his daughter's visit.

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