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Join host Lauren Alaina each week as she sits down with special guests, who share their real stories of heartache and success – and how their faith inspired them through it all.

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S1 E1 copy Kristin Chenowith Jesus Calling
Faith Through Adversity - Actress Kristin Chenoweth shares about an accident during a film shoot that almost ended her career and heroic pilot Tammy Jo Shults talks about how her faith sustained her through a deadly airline accident.
Hunter Hayes performing
Faith To See Our Value - Singer/songwriter Hunter Hayes shares how God has helped him work through his insecurities to find his value, and Christian music artist Zach Williams relates how God transformed him from a struggling rock star to an artist able to touch countless lives.
Mattie Jackson Selecman Jesus Calling
Faith to Love Others - News correspondent Linsey Davis shares how she has taken lessons from her daily life to show that what’s important is loving people, not focusing on our differences. Storyteller Mattie Jackson Selecman talks about the tragic loss of her young husband, and how she chooses to focus on helping heal others through ministry.
Kathie Lee Gifford Jesus Calling
Faith To Live Out Our Dreams - Kathie Lee Gifford, Former TODAY host, shares how her faith has kept her grounded while also giving her the wings to pursue her passions, and country musician Darryl Worley demonstrates how he found the faith to say “yes” to a whole new dream.
Craig Morgan Jesus Calling
Faith Through Our Darkest Moments - Country musician Craig Morgan tells the story of how God held him up after he tragically lost his son Jerry, and Christian comedian & author Chonda Pierce shares about her battle with depression and her resolution to always tell the truth, no matter how hard it might be.
Gloria Gaynor Jesus Calling
When Our Faith Is Tested - Songwriter Casey Beathard, his musician son Tucker Beathard, and his NFL-playing son C.J. Beathard open up about how God tested their faith when they lost their son and brother, and how their family has leaned on Him for healing. Singer Gloria Gaynor recalls the trials in her life that led to the pursuit of love that only Jesus can provide.
Sandi Patty Jesus Calling
Faith To Carry Us Through It All - Rascal Flatts member Jay DeMarcus reminds us how God can use the shattered pieces of our lives to create a beautiful mosaic that shows His glory, and GRAMMY-winning Christian music artist Sandi Patty shares why she believes showing up is the first step to having a deeper relationship with God.
James Brown Jesus Calling
Living On A Foundation of Faith - CBS sportscaster James Brown dives into how he decided to live according to God’s playbook, and Texas country music star Aaron Watson shares his determination to let his music and his words glorify God.
Susie McEntire Jesus Calling
Faith To Never Give Up - Former NFL player Jim Kelly and his wife Jill Kelly share how they’ve learned to face difficult circumstances and continue to place their faith in God to help them survive. Country gospel ministers Susie McEntire and Mark Eaton share how they do the hard work of sharing their scars with others, helping them walk through their own pain.
Faith To Persevere - Actress and producer Rita Wilson reminds us that God has put greatness inside each of us as we travel through all the seasons of our lives. Public figure Cyntoia Brown-Long shares how when she began to give her life back to God while in prison, and a new chapter started to unfold, where she could pursue justice and mercy for others.
Jesus Calling Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Faith To Find Our Purpose - Former host of The View Elisabeth Hasselbeck shares how during seasons of change, she’s learned to wait for God’s guidance to pursue her unique purpose in the world. Professional roper and TV host Anthony Lucia opens up about his relationship with his father and forging his own identity with God’s help.
Charlie Daniels Jesus Calling
Faith To Achieve The Impossible - Country superstar Randy Travis and his wife Mary share how through the ups and downs, they’ve achieved the impossible; thanks to the love of God and faith of their family. Includes a special tribute to the beloved Charlie Daniels.

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