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Larry the Cable Guy gives American history his own down-home twist as he travels the country looking for people, places and things that define the nation’s unique history.

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Season 3 Episodes

S3E1 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry Vs. The Killer Bees - Larry makes his way across Iowa to become a carny at one of America's oldest state fairs!
S3E2 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry Squeezes Chicks - Larry road trips through the "Show Me State" on a quest to crash a few shows in Branson, the Vegas of the Midwest.
Larry Goes Boom - Larry heads to the modern day "black gold rush" in Williston, North Dakota and sees how the recent oil boom has changed this small town.
Larry Gets Trashed and Tanked - Larry is on a mission to show how America is the land of the great ideas and finds all the evidence he needs on a road trip through Minnesota.
S3E5 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry Caves In - Larry will prove that Americans know how to get the most out of nature--even if it kills him!
S3E6 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry Confronts the Apocalypse - Larry uncovers how ingenuity, passion, sweat and sugar made Pennsylvania an industrial powerhouse.
S3E7 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry's Vegas Hangover - Larry heads to Las Vegas to immerse himself in the extremes that only Sin City can provide.
Larry Goes Hollyweird - Larry sets out to show us that Los Angeles is still the world's leading producer of peculiar people, a task that proves to be amazingly easy.
S3E9 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry Crushes the Competition - Larry road trips through Missouri to show how American obsessions can turn into everything from extremely odd contests to a billion-dollar business.
S3E10 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry Gets Whipped - Larry travels to the Big Apple to show how that town exemplifies great American qualities like keeping cultures alive and never giving up the fight.
Does Larry Eat Poop? -Larry's on the hunt for the crazy critters that have tormented Floridians for ages.
S3E12 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry's Beantown Lowdown - Larry wants to show you how Boston is the Cradle of Liberty and so much more.
S3E13 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry Herds Dinosaurs - Larry takes a treacherous trip through Arizona to find out why folks choose to live in this sun-scorched state.
S3E14 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry Sees Dead People - Larry's Lone Star State adventure is all about investigating some truly "only in Texas" phenomena.
S3E15 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry Gets Lost In Space - The destination is Roswell as Larry and crew make a pilgrimage across the space-crazed state of New Mexico.
S3E16 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry Becomes Statuesque - On a drive through Central Illinois, Larry and crew use their Internet connections to see how Americans are making their own breaks. They first come across a true find: a couple of farm boys who are making a mint by harvesting the finest deer pee.

Season 2 Episodes

Lary making a giant burger
Mutant All-Beef Road Trip - Larry travels to Wisconsin to visit a milking house, watch a calf being born, take a bite out of the world's largest cheeseburger, and visit a meat packing plant, as well as deal with a prank from his camera crew.
S2E2 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Extreme American Critters - Larry spends this episode going to extremes to show you how Americans go to extremes when it comes to animals.
S2E3 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Alaska Road Trip - Larry visits Alaska to hunt down moose poachers, visit a high school football team's strange ritual, and also makes a surprise visit to Sarah Palin's family.
S2E4 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Naked Cowboys & Reptile Wrangling - Larry first goes south to experience the extreme jobs involving alligators and then goes to New York City to watch a man famously make a living using a silly gimmick: Play a guitar in just his underwear.
S2E5 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Redneck Extravaganzas - Larry heads down south to show us how the American redneck creates entertainment.
S2E6 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry's Favorite Stuff - Larry enjoys some of his favorite things such as driving cattle in Florida, selling used cars in New Jersey, and working with a man named "Mr. John", who cleans porta-potties.
S2E7 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
American Guns - Larry trains to stalk and shoot with the US Army's elite snipers at their training center in Fort Benning, GA. Then he heads to Colorado Springs, Colorado to meet "the most armed man in America."
S2E8 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
America After Dark - Larry checks what goes on at night. First, Larry gets goes shrimping with a four-generation shrimping family as they head into shark-infested waters at night. Then, Larry helps exterminators catch critters that only come out in the dark.
S2E9 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Larry Goes to Washington - Larry spends a few days getting behind-the-scenes at some sites in our nation's capitol.
S2E10 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
American Invasion - Larry joins in with citizens who deal with critters that have invaded our country.
S2E11 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Kentucky Road Trip - Larry visits the great American worker at the plant making the great American muscle car the Corvette.
S2E12 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Louisiana Road Trip - Larry spends some time in and around New Orleans to see the way they do things in the Big Easy.
S2E13 Larry the Cable Guy Only In America
Special Access - Larry goes where no one goes. Behind-the-curtain at some American spots that are always marked "Authorized Persons Only."

Season 1 Episodes

Larry Breeds Mules - Larry breeds mules descended from George Washington's herd and digs up a rock quarry owned by a true American eccentric.
Larry Makes Moonshine - Larry gets knee deep in Moonshine's secret history, becomes a champion frog jumper in California, and gets a refresher course in table manners in Vermont.
Larry Goes to the Swamp - Larry visits people who live in the Atchafalaya Swamp in Louisiana, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey traveling circus in Virginia, and a soap box derby in Oregon.
Larry Gets the Horns - Larry gets the horns at America's biggest rodeo and marries people at a drive-thru wedding chapel.
Larry is an Astronaut - Larry uses a far out toilet at NASA, impersonates himself in a Las Vegas standup act, and gets wet at the site of a prehistoric flood.
larry with crab
Larry Goes Trucking - Larry showers with a friend at America's biggest truck stop, experiences the danger of fish-mongering, and uncovers mayhem at the demolition derby.
Larry Gits a Gator - Larry tracks down rogue alligators which have invaded civilization, mixes explosives in with America's first family of fireworks, and gets muscled in the roller derby.
larry on horse in civil war reenactment gear
Larry Rides with the Hells Angels - Larry hitches a ride with the Hells Angels, helps catch potential cheaters at a Las Vegas casino, and enlists with a Civil War recreation group.
Larry Deep Fries Everything - Larry gets embedded with the grunts at Camp Pendleton, travels to America's smallest town and jumps into the delicious, deep-frying madness that is the biggest draw at the annual State Fair of Texas.
larry with man in cowboy hat
Larry Digs for Gold - Larry lives the history of the great California Gold Rush, explores the wacky world of the minor league baseball franchise, Saint Paul Saints, and joins a gospel choir that lifts spirits at a tough Chicago hospital.
Larry in Central Park talking with woman
Larry & the Superpig - Larry reveals how the humble hog helped shape the country, revisits his wild trip to the Houston rodeo, and uncovers the secrets behind Central Park.
larry with man around barrels
Larry Goes North - Larry adds his girth and glee to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, goes dog sledding in Northern Minnesota and reveals how Tabasco became the world's greatest hot sauce.
Larry Steps Into The Ring - Larry shows us one of the greatest animal exhibitions on the planet at the amazing Henry Doorly Zoo. Then, he digs in at Dakin Farms in Vermont, where they have been making mouthwatering breakfast staples since 1792. Finally, he puts up his dukes at Gleason's, the legendary Brooklyn boxing gym that gave us everyone from Jake LaMotta to Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson.
Larry is the Sheriff - Larry joins the Volusia County Sheriff's Department in Florida to reveal all the ways that this far-ranging branch of law enforcement keeps us safe. Then he saddles up and plays polo, the dangerous and expensive sport that was transformed by America's upper class thrill-seekers. Finally, Larry uncovers how barbecued brisket became an American delicacy at Houston's Goode Company.
Larry is a Logger - It's back to school for Larry as he spends a day in high school in Bemidji, Minnesota; reveals the miracle that is the cable car system and the hidden worlds of Chinatown; and finally does the manliest work in the timber business at the Rough n Ready Lumber Company in Oregon.
Larry working construction
Larry Beefs Up - Larry is in his element at an old-fashioned livestock auction in Oklahoma, discovers the vast world of longshoremen in New York Harbor and celebrates the hundredth anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.
Larry is Amish - We break comedic ground as Larry the Cable Guy takes a zany spin around the U.S. From the Oregon Trail to the Grand Canyon, from crossing the Delaware to searching for California's gold, Larry's signature persona delivers offbeat America, with stories of real history and loads of down-home fun.
Larry with musicians by a cabin
Larry in Hillbilly Country - Larry gets deep in the muddy banks of South Carolina as he uncovers the messy world of oyster harvesting, discovers the survival skills of an American family that has been there for over 250 years, and turns a routine stop on Interstate 80 into a mission to find out what is special in the tiny town of Wells, Nevada.
larry making cheese
Larry Cuts the Cheese - Larry gets the thrill of a lifetime on the deck of the the USS Nimitz. Then, he's off to show us why Wisconsin is so famous for cheese. Finally, Larry goes on a "sleigh ride" with the mysterious Secret Santa of Kansas City.

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