upstream with elizabeth cook

Elizabeth Cook talks music, explores inane topics, shares deep thoughts and tries to catch fish. Fishing isn’t the goal, the conversation is…

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season 1

Cam - It was a hot, sunny September day near Nashville, TN when the “Burning House” artist Cam joins Elizabeth Cook to fish for the very first time. They talk music, college degrees and attending the Grammy’s. Cam catches her first ever fish, screams a little bit and pats her baby bump to congratulate her “Little Nugget” on her first fish kill.
Shooter Jennings - Elizabeth takes Shooter Jennings fishing on a lake outside of Nashville on a cloudy fall day. Shooter shares touching and comical stories about his famous parents Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter. Elizabeth and Shooter get lucky and catch some fish, but it starts to rain, so they head to Dee’s Country Cocktails for drinks and more conversation.
Upstream S1 E3 Elizabeth Cook Pam Tillis
Pam Tillis - Experienced fisher woman and Grand Ole Opry Member Pam Tillis joins Elizabeth to fish in Tennessee. They shop at a local Army Navy store for supplies then head to the Lake. Pam shares stories about her father, Mel Tillis, and reflects on the Grand Old Days of Country Music. After fishing they wind down at The Pearl Diver, a restaurant/bar owned by Pam’s husband Matt.
Upstream S1 E4 Jimmie Allen Elizabeth Cook
Jimmie Allen - Country singer Jimmie Allen hops on a pontoon with Elizabeth to fish on a blistering hot July day. Throughout the day we learn about Jimmie’s children, his family in Delaware and witness his miraculous Zen fishing poses. After a hard day of fishing, cocktails are vital, so Elizabeth and Jimmie complete their day at the Marina’s outdoor bar.
Margo Price and Elizabeth Cook on a pier by the river
Margo Price - In this episode of Upstream with Elizabeth Cook the first stop is guest Margo Price’s neighborhood Hardware store. In the store they cuddle baby chicks, buy hats and bait. They shore fish at a local Lake and lament how they miss touring because of Covid19. After fishing they head to a legendary East Nashville music venue called “The 5 Spot.” With tequila in hand, Elizabeth and Margo toast to all the memories made in bars like this.

season 2

Randy Travis - This week on Upstream with Elizabeth Cook our host travels to Texas to the home of Country Music Legend Randy Travis and his wife Mary to fish. Elizabeth is given a tour of the 350 acre Ranch where Steer, Buffalo and Show Horses reside. Elizabeth’s love and respect for Randy makes for an incredibly heart-warming show.
Rodney Crowell - On this episode of Upstream with Elizabeth Cook guest Rodney Crowell shares stories about Roy Orbison, Guy Clark, songwriting, first meeting Johnny Cash, and fatherhood.
Sturgill Simpson - This week on Upstream with Elizabeth Cook we travel to Charleston, SC to fish w/ Sturgill Simpson who talks about his time in the Navy, winning a Grammy, and acting in a Martin Scorsese Film with Leo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro.
Mick Foley - This week on Upstream with Elizabeth Cook, guest Mick Foley talks about his wrestling personas: Cactus Jack, Mankind and Mr Socko. He reveals a tender side and thrill of seeing Mermaids at Weeki Wachee, FLA.
Kyle Petty - Upstream with Elizabeth Cook travels to Level Cross, NC to fish with Kyle Petty at Victory Junction, a camp for kids w/ disabilities. Kyle gives Elizabeth a driving lesson and they talk car racing at the birthplace of Richard Petty.
Charles Esten - This week on Upstream, Elizabeth Cook takes actor/musician Charles Esten fishing outside of Nashville. They talk about his family, early acting career and hit show Outer Banks. The show closes at the Legendary Bluebird Cafe where the TV show Nashville was shot.

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