Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Has Altercation With Security Guard at Concert?

Taylor Swift has some “Bad Blood” with a particular security guard at her latest string of shows in Philadelphia, PA.

This past weekend, while Taylor was in the middle of her performance of her hit song “Bad Blood,” something off caught her eye. A security guard during the show was being hostile towards a group of her fans telling them to stop jumping and holding the barricade railing. During the song, Taylor shouts “Hey, stop! She wasn’t doing anything” (in reference to her fan who was just enjoying the song). She shouted multiple times at the guard to leave her fans alone and to let them have their fun.

@tswiftclips The fact that she was able to ump right back in after this 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation #taylorswift #swiftie #phillytstheerastour #swifttok #theerastour #erastour #tstheerastour ♬ original sound – Ainsley

Concert goers were quick to catch the moment on video and share it to social media. The clip went viral as multiple people stood with Taylor and applauded her for always looking out for her fans. People were also laughing at the fact that Taylor’s comments to the security guard fit perfectly within her song to the point where most fans didn’t realize she was actually yelling at the guard. See a clip up close below.

@iwant_her_midnights @Taylor Swift defending this fan from a security guard who was overly aggressive in responding to normal concert enthusiasm was everything last night 🙌 she really does have her fans’ backs 🫶 #badblood #theerastourphilly #tstheerastour #taylorswift #theman ♬ original sound – S 💋