Tenille Townes Gives a Tour of The Grand Ole Opry [Circle Exclusive]

Before taking the stage at the Grand Ole Opry on Friday, May 19, Tenille Townes took Circle on an exclusive tour of the Grand Ole Opry’s backstage, highlighting some of her favorite things.

In true friendly Tenille fashion, one of her favorite things when she first enters backstage is being able to say hello to the Opry’s security! It’s a heartwarming friendship that Tenille appreciates dearly, as she recognizes and values the essential role these dedicated individuals play in ensuring the smooth operation and safety of the Opry.

Next, Tenille gives us a very exclusive look into the behind-the scenes as an artist by showing a look inside the room where they rehearse their songs with the legendary Opry House band before taking the stage. After, she guides us to the Opry’s stage door, giving a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the production.

Tenille next leads us to one of her favorite backstage spots, the common area. This designated space serves as a haven for delicious treats, where you can find yourself indulging in a variety of yummy snacks. Among that includes the infamous popcorn of the Grand Ole Opry, which has quite a reputation within the community.

To conclude her tour, Tenille graciously invites us to her dressing room, referred to as the “Women of Country room.” The atmosphere is inspiring, remembering all of the legendary performers who have also graced the same room before their performances. Something very special about this dressing room is that it includes the original hat that Minnie Pearl famously wore throughout her career.

See Tenille Townes’ full tour of the Grand Ole Opry backstage below: