Top 10 Country Foods

The Number One Country Food is What?!

We know this list may cause some controversy, but we put our Circle Network hosts to the test to rank the Top 10 Country Foods on the newest episode of Circle Country Countdown! Nothing tastes better than some down-home southern cooking, and this list is nothing short of delicious! From brisket to sweet tea, country food is clearly loved!

What country style foods do you think made the top 10? Place your bets now as we get ready to reveal what food took the #1 spot on the newest episode of Circle Country Countdown airing this Thursday, March 23 at 10/9 p.m. CT right here on Circle Network!

You won’t want to miss this one with our expert panelists including Country Artist Hannah Dasher, Morgan Huelsman from The Bobby Bones Show, Taste of Country Editor Billy Dukes, Radio Personalities Blair Garner and Shawn Parr, Comedian Reno Collier, and Nashville Songwriter JT Harding.

To get you ready for Thursday, head over to Circle Kitchen and make some of our classic country recipes like Southern Style Banana Pudding, Mommas Pimento Cheese, “Longmire” Chili, Southern Baked Mac & Cheese, and more! Trust us, these mouth-watering dishes are the perfect to munch on while watching Circle Country Countdown!