The Oak Ridge Boys Announce Their Farewell Tour
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The Oak Ridge Boys Announce Their Farewell Tour

The iconic quartet will be hitting the road for one last epic ride.

For nearly six decades, The Oak Ridge Boys have been a beloved and iconic presence in the world of country and gospel music. However, all good things must come to an end, and in a bittersweet announcement, The Oak Ridge Boys have revealed their plans for a farewell tour that will mark the end of an era in country music.

“We’ve worked nearly 150 dates a year almost every year,” Bonsall officially tells Billboard in the announcement. “We’ve never booked tours like a lot of groups do — making an album and doing maybe 50 or 60 days to support it. We may tour under a different tour name every year, but it’s really the never-ending tour. We’ve never known how to stop or slow down, for sure. So what we have put a concentrated effort in our thought pattern here in the last year or so into how can we slow it down some, but still keep moving forward.”

The Oak Ridge Boys first formed in the 1940s as a gospel quartet, and over the years, they evolved into a versatile country music group. The core lineup of Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban has remained remarkably consistent, contributing to their unmistakable four-part harmonies for over 50 years. Their unique blend of traditional country and gospel influences has earned them a special place in the hearts of fans across generations.

Throughout their career, The Oak Ridge Boys have released countless chart-topping hits. Songs like “Elvira,” “Bobbie Sue,” and “American Made” became anthems of their time and continue to resonate with fans today. Their music has not only stood the test of time but has also influenced countless other artists, leaving a permanent mark on the country music landscape.

“I want to thank God for 50 years of singing with three of my best friends and for the fans who have been there for us,” Sterban said in a statement. “This is a celebration and we hope to see you there.”