Kane Brown

Watch: Kane Brown Takes an Unfortunate Hit on Tour!

Let’s just say Kane Brown may need a day to recover from this unfortunate hit he took on the latest leg of his Drunk On Dreaming Tour. While performing one of his hit songs, a crowd member threw a boot on stage and hit Kane Brown right in the groin! You can see in the video that once he was hit, he went down to the ground for a couple seconds —while STILL singing! Kane is a real trooper! Check below for the crazy video of the incident!

@haileebrigman @kanebrown ♬ original sound – haileebrigman

After the song finished Kane stated, “Golly! Hit me with the heel! I felt that!”

We are glad that Brown found this funny and made light of it throughout the rest of the show. On top of that, he even signed the boot he was hit with and gave it back to the fan who threw it! This will definitely be a top tour memory for sure!

Kane Brown is currently still on his Drunk On Dreaming Tour along with his family! Check out their crazy tour bus and journey to this unforgettable tour!