Watch: Luke Combs Teaches Ed Sheeran How to Shotgun a Beer

Ed Sheeran may know everything there is about creating a hit song, climbing musical charts and accomplishing record breaking history, but there is one thing that the pop singer doesn’t know how to do —how to shotgun a beer.

Luckily, the Grammy award-winning artist found a guiding hand in Luke Combs, who graciously taught him the ultimate life lesson.

In a clip shared by Sheeran on Instagram, Combs can be seen giving instructions to Sheeran on the art of shotgunning a Miller Lite beer.

“Alright, for context, Luke is — what is it, shooting,” Sheeran questions.

“Shotgunning,” Combs corrects.

In an impressive display, the duo simultaneously cracked open their beers and swiftly downed them. Combs, being the professional in the situation, finished first and was followed by Sheeran, who did surprisingly really well for his first time.

“That was really impressive,” Sheeran praised.

The fun moment between the two came after Ed Sheeran and Luke Combs debuted their collaborative version of Sheeran’s song “Life Goes On,” off his new album Subtract at the  58th Academy of Country Music Awards.