What Dog Breed Matches Your Favorite Country Music Singer?

Dolly Parton – Poodle

This comparison is a no-brainer. Dolly Parton is known for the big hair, dazzling accessories and pristine appearance, just like a poodle!

Jason Aldean – Bulldog

Kind and courageous, friendly but dignified. That’s what Jason Aldean shares in common with the loveable bulldog! Plus— both are naturals at giving the perfect smolder.

Kimberly Schlapman – Goldendoodle

We couldn’t think of a more perfect match for Kimberly Schlapman from the band Little Big Town. Her and a Goldendoodle hold the reign for best curls!

Luke Bryan – Golden Retreiver

One thing that I think we can all agree on is that Luke Bryan gives off MAJOR Golden Retriever energy— and we absolutely adore him for it!

Kelsea Ballerini – Pomeranian

Kelsea Ballerini is known for her spunky attitude and fun energy, just like an adorable Pomeranian!

Blake Shelton – Mastiff

It’s no secret that Blake Shelton is an absolute giant of a human. Standing at an impressive 6’5, there’s no doubt he would be a Mastiff, one of the largest dog breeds in the world!

Carrie Underwood – Afghan Hound

The perfect blonde locks say it all.