5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Charles Esten (Circle Exclusive)

You might be familiar with Charles Esten for his remarkable achievements in the television industry or his notable music career, but I’m willing to wager that you didn’t know these 5 facts about him!

1. He Regularly Spent Time With a Super Bowl Champion During Childhood

Charles Esten, who grew up in Pittsburgh, frequently found himself in the presence of a Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl champion during childhood. It turned out that his father had a close friendship with the esteemed football champion, Ray Mansfield. As a result, Esten had the privilege of spending a lot of time alongside football legends like Terry Bradshaw, Joe Greene, and Franco Harris.

2. He Used to be an Advertising Supplies Salesman

When Esten first arrived in Los Angeles to pursue his acting dreams, he had to take on a sales job to pay the bills until he landed his first acting opportunity. He sold advertising supplies for real estate companies until he finally scored his debut television role.

3. He Has Rehearsed a Performance in the Basement of the White House

You may be familiar with Esten’s breakthrough as he portrayed the iconic rock and roller Buddy Holly but I bet you didn’t know that this role eventually led him to the basement of the White House.

Esten rocked the role of Buddy Holly in London and ended up taking the show on a tour. One of the exciting stops on the tour was at the White House, where he was personally invited by former President George Bush. But before his performance, Esten actually rehearsed in a bathroom down in the basement of the White House. Talk about an unforgettable experience!

4. He’s Won a Lot of Money on a Game Show

During his early days in Hollywood, Esten made appearances on not one, but two game shows. He showcased his skills on the popular show ‘Scrabble’ and managed to secure a prize of $1,000. However, his standout achievement came on the game show ‘Sale of the Century,’ where he walked away with an astonishing $34,000! Surprisingly, this was Esten’s very first television gig, and the substantial winnings allowed him to stay in Los Angeles and pursue his acting career.

5. He Has a Guinness World Record

Esten has quite a musical achievement under his belt, so much so that he’s won a Guinness World Record for it. He holds the title of “Most consecutive singles released,” with 54 songs released in 54 weeks.