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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Chrissy Metz

You might recognize Chrissy Metz as a prominent American actress and singer. She gained immense popularity for her portrayal of Kate Pearson in the acclaimed TV series This Is Us, a role that garnered her Primetime Emmy Award nominations and two Golden Globe Awards. Beyond her acting prowess, Chrissy has also established a flourishing music career, gracing the stage of the Grand Ole Opry on numerous occasions.

Though Chrissy’s talents shine brightly in the limelight, these five facts about her might surprise you:

She’s an Author of a Children’s Book

For her first children’s book, When I Talk to God, I Talk About You, Chrissy Metz drew inspiration upon her profound faith. The illustrated book revolves around a parent’s prayer for their child, presenting a relatable and simplified depiction of how to create a connection with God and engaging in prayerful communication with Him.

She Has Her Own Wine

Named after her desired way of life, Chrissy’s wine brand goes by the name Joyful Heart.

Consumers can select from a range of choices including White, Reserve, or a Red blend from Chrissy’s wine collection. Notably, a percentage of the proceeds from each bottle purchased is contributed to The World Central Kitchen.

She Was a Preschool Teacher

After completing her college education, Chrissy worked as a preschool teacher in Florida for five years before the idea of pursuing an acting career even entered her mind. It was during this period that someone suggested she audition for a role while she was accompanying her little sister to an open casting call. This prompted Chrissy to leave her teaching job and embark on her journey in acting.

She Wanted to be an Artist

It appears that Chrissy has always had a creative side throughout her life. At one point, she was actually planning to go to school for an education with a focus on art, due to her passion for drawing and painting.

She Loves Buc-ees

Chrissy is a devoted admirer of Buc-ees! This convenience store chain has truly captured her affection, much like it has for numerous individuals in the southern regions. Her fondness for it is unwavering, and she will always remain a dedicated fan!