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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About MacKenzie Porter

Hailing from Canada, MacKenzie Porter shines as a rising country singer and songwriter. With a self-titled album under her belt, she’s secured an impressive four number ones on the Canada Country charts with hits like “About You,” “These Days,” “Seeing Other People,” and “Pickup.” Notably, she’s also showcased her talents on Dustin Lynch’s chart-topper “Thinking ‘Bout You.” While she’s widely recognized as a country music sensation, there may be a few things that you don’t know about her!

Here are 5 facts you may not have known about MacKenzie Porter:

She’s an Actress

While Porter may have made a name for herself as a country music star, it’s worth noting that she has also established herself as an accomplished actress. Her talents have been recognized through captivating roles in a range of television series, most notably on the series “Hell on Wheels” and “Travelers.”

She’s a Dog Mom

Were you aware that Mackenzie Porter is a proud mom to a daughter? In this case, it’s more of a dog-daughter than anything else. She takes pride in being the caretaker of a small pup even when life gets busy on and off the road of performing.

She Doesn’t Like Pizza

Unusual as it might sound, Porter has revealed her lack of fondness for pizza. Interestingly, she acknowledged that this perspective might not be widely shared, yet she made it clear that when it comes to DiGiorno’s pizza, she’s definitely on board.

Her Biggest Fear is Burning Her House Down

Porter openly shared that her greatest fear revolves around accidentally setting her house on fire. She mentioned that this concern lingers in her mind constantly, leading her to diligently inspect every outlet before leaving home, just to attain a sense of reassurance. Honestly, this habit is probably a good one to develop.

Her Favorite Drink is Red Wine

In the last fact that Porter shared about herself, she expressed that her ultimate favorite beverage is red wine—all the time! Cheers to that Mackenzie!

Not long ago, MacKenzie Porter unveiled her latest single titled “Chasing Tornadoes.” This track serves as an initial glimpse into her forthcoming full-length album, marking her new musical journey. Give it a listen here: