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American Idol Winner Iam Tongi Covers Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” in Honor of His Late Father

Iam Tongi has once again touched our hearts with another beautiful rendition of a song that means a lot to him.

Recently, he shared a video covering Garth Brooks’ classic “The Dance,” creating a moving tribute to his late father.

Iam shared on social media that this song is special to him because it was one of the first songs he learned to play on the guitar. In this touching moment, he skillfully plays the timeless melody, letting the sincerity in his voice and the mastery of his guitar strings convey the emotional depth of the tribute.

Watch Iam Tongi cover “The Dance”:

Sharing his profound attachment to “The Dance,” Iam consistently extends an invitation to his fans to accompany him on this personal journey, reminiscent of his experience on American Idol.

During Season 21, he captured the hearts of millions, ultimately emerging as the youngest victor in the singing competition.