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Blake Shelton Tells Hilarious Story About How an Unusual Pet He Had as a Kid Landed Him on the News

Blake Shelton never fails to entertain his fans.

During an interview with CMT, Shelton recounted a hilarious tale from his childhood that involved an unusual pet he had at the age of 13.

He shared how he and his pet raccoon, named Seagram, found themselves featured on the front page of his hometown newspaper in Ada, Oklahoma.

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“Seagram was my pet raccoon that I had, I believe I was about probably 13,” Shelton said.

“I had a buddy named Eric, and I was walking down the street to his house,” he said. “I was walking with my raccoon and dog, and this lady [in a car] pulled over. At that age, I remembered stranger danger, right? Like, ‘What is this woman?’ She pulled out and she had a camera and she goes, ‘I work for the Ada Evening News, and I’ve just never seen this. Is that animal with you? Is that raccoon, like, wild? Does it just follow [you]?’ I said, ‘No, that’s my pet.’ So, she took a couple of pictures. I forgot to tell my mom, and in the next day or two, this picture came out on the cover of the newspaper of me and my raccoon.”

During the interview, Shelton is seen holding up the black and white photocopy from the newspaper, showing off the unlikely trio.