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Breaking: Morgan Wallen Shaves Off His Signature Mullet

The mullet is no more..

In a surprising turn of events, Morgan Wallen left his fans completely shocked during his latest concert on Friday, August 11, as he graced the stage of Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio —without his iconic mullet.

As revealed by numerous social media accounts from attendees of the concert, Wallen stepped onto the stage wearing a red ballcap. However, what lay beneath wasn’t his signature mullet, but was a buzzed hair cut.

Obviously, his missing mullet did not go unnoticed, and Wallen himself acknowledged the transformation shortly after making his appearance on stage.

@hollyrudisill morgan wallen shaved his hair off!#morganwallen #shavedhead ♬ original sound – Holly Board

“Before we get any further… I didn’t like my long hair anymore so I shaved it off,” Wallen revealed to the audience. 

As word gets around about Wallen’s sudden transformation, the internet has mixed feelings towards the unexpected decision.

Looks like the mullet is out..and a buzzed hair cut is in perhaps?