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Carly Pearce Drops Music Video for “We Don’t Fight Anymore,” Starring Lucy Hale and Shiloh Fernandez

Carly Pearce has been a rising star in the country music scene, winning over fans with her raw talent and heartfelt lyrics. Her collaboration with Chris Stapleton on “We Don’t Fight Anymore” was a musical match made in heaven, and it touched the hearts of listeners around the world.

Now, with the release of the music video, featuring the captivating duo of Lucy Hale and Shiloh Fernandez, Carly Pearce is taking her storytelling abilities to a whole new level.

The video tells a moving story of a couple growing apart, their vibrant love now faded.

As the video goes on, their lives change dramatically when their house catches fire, a metaphor for their dying love, leaving viewers with a haunting sense of emotional devastation in failing relationships.

Carly Pearce’s vocals and Chris Stapleton’s soulful harmonies create a heart-wrenching backdrop. Lucy Hale and Shiloh Fernandez give stellar performances, authentically portraying a relationship in crisis.

Back in June, Pearce announced the upcoming song, candidly describing the meaning behind the emotional track.

“This song embodies a place that I think, if we are honest with ourselves, we’ve all felt at some point in a relationship,” she wrote. “The distance that feels heartbreaking, yet you’re also indifferent. I’ve always been a writer who never wanted to shy away from the ‘uncomfortable’ moments in all of our lives, and this song feels too important not to share.”  

Pearce also dropped some big news recently, announcing that she is gearing up to hit the road for her headlining tour, Country Made Me Do It.

“It’s been a crazy couple of years since I released 29 into the world, and I’m ready to begin this next chapter with you, Pearce shared. “I’m SO excited to bring the “Country Music Made Me Do It” Tour to life this fall, to celebrate the true beginning of a turned page in my life, both musically and personally.”