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Carly Pearce Serenades Fan Who Recently Lost Her Father

Carly Pearce drew inspiration from a personal loss of a loved one to create her song “Show Me Around.” This song has resonated deeply with listeners, providing an understanding that they aren’t alone.

The power of Pearce’s song was proven recently when a concertgoer in Oklahoma over the weekend mentioned that she recently lost her father.

A video posted on Pearce’s social media platforms captures the moment where she approaches the woman. With a heartfelt gesture, the country sensation kneels to meet the fan and delivers an incredible rendition of “Show Me Around.”

“This moment in Oklahoma last weekend really got me,” Pearce wrote. “I’m thankful so many of you have found comfort in this song.”

In the video, Pearce is seen singing the chorus of the song, holding the fans hand. The surge of emotions affects Pearce, causing her to become teary-eyed during the performance.

“Show Me Around” was a collaborative effort between Pearce, Emily Shackleton, and Ben West. The song was dedicated to Pearce’s late producer and friend, Busbee, who unfortunately lost his life to glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer, on September 29, 2019. Pearce officially unveiled the song in December 2020.