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Charles Esten Announces Debut Album ‘Love Ain’t Pretty’

Charles Esten is finally giving fans a full length album!

The long-awaited album, titled Love Ain’t Pretty, will consist of 14 tracks, and has been slated for release on January 26, 2024.

“I am so proud to finally announce that I’ve recorded my 14-song debut album, and it’s being released January 26th,” Esten said in his announcement.

However, fans won’t need to wait until then to get a taste, as the actor-turned-singer is gearing up to unveil some of the tracks sooner.

To mark the occasion, the singer-songwriter also revealed his one and only collaboration in the album. The song “Down The Road,” which includes Eric Paslay, brings a burst of energy as Esten confidently showcases his country rock style.

The pair even took the stage together at the Grand Ole Opry to perform the fresh track.

Aside from “Down The Road,” the compilation of 14 tracks will include earlier releases such as “One Good Move,” “A Little Right Now,” and his most recent single, “In A Bar Somewhere.”

Love Ain’t Pretty Tracklist

  1. “Love Ain’t Pretty”
  2. “A Little Right Now”             
  3. “One Good Move” 
  4. “In a Bar Somewhere”                   
  5. “I Ain’t” 
  6. “Another Song About You”
  7. “When Love Ain’t Love” 
  8. “Candlelight” 
  9. “Back in My Life”
  10. “Make You Happy”
  11. “Willing to Try”
  12. “Maybe I’m Alright” 
  13. “Down the Road (feat. Eric Paslay)”
  14. “Somewhere in the Sunshine”