Chris Janson Reveals His Inspiration for New Album ‘The Outlaw Side of Me’ and Talks About Working Alongside Dolly Parton and Slash [Circle Exclusive]

Chris Janson is back with new music— and this time he’s showing fans a different side of himself.

Today, Friday, June 16, marks the official release of Chris Janson’s latest studio album, The Outlaw Side of Me. In an exclusive interview, Circle had the privilege of sitting down with Janson to delve deeper into his latest project and gain insight into its creation.

Janson’s latest album, consisting of 14 tracks, was produced by Julian Raymond under the Big Machine Label Group/Harpeth 60 Records. This project aims to highlight every aspect of the talented artist, showcasing his outlaw persona.

The album’s lead single, titled “All I Need Is You,” is currently gaining momentum on country radio and steadily approaching the Top 20 chart.

As his new music received great success right away, the question on everyone’s mind was the source of his inspiration that’s fueling his fresh perspective on country.

“I got pulled over in Cook County, Georgia with my wife and kids heading back to Tennessee and that’s really where it all started…the outlaw side of me. I like to drive fast,” he admitted.

“I’ve never been the type of person to walk along the line of what somebody says I should do,” he added. “I just cut my own path and see if it works, and thank God it has so far.”

Along with a new musical perspective, also came new collaboration opportunities. On his new album, Janson has a track, titled “21 Forever,” that features none other than musical legends Dolly Parton and Slash.

“Collaborating with Dolly and Slash is a dream come true,” he said. “It’s a really validating moment for me.” “There’s been many times in my career where I’ve felt like ‘I made it,'” he continued. “But those two just top it all.” The Outlaw Side of Me also features special guests Brantley Gilbert and Darius Rucker. 

Chris Janson’s new album The Outlaw Side of Me is out NOW.

Janson is also celebrating the release of The Outlaw Side Of Me with a special livestream from the Grand Ole Opry today, June 16 at 5/4c pm. 

The event will livestream on the free Circle Now app or you can watch the livestream on Circle’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

The Outlaw Side of Me Track List:

  1. Rowdy Gentle Man
  2. Honkytonk Minute
  3. Outlaw Side of Me
  4. All I Need Is You
  5. Hank The Hell Out of The Honkytonk (featuring Brantley Gilbert)
  6. Dirt In My Life
  7. Tap That
  8. Good Folks Goin’ To Work
  9. GOAT
  10. Get It Right
  11. Every Day of the Week (featuring Darius Rucker)
  12. 21 Forever (featuring Dolly Parton and Slash)
  13. Days in the Field
  14. 21 Forever (Original Version featuring Slash)