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Chris Stapleton Releases New Track “It Takes a Woman” in Honor of His Wife

Country superstar Chris Stapleton has just shared another heartfelt gem, “It Takes A Woman,” from his upcoming album “Higher.”

In “It Takes A Woman,” Chris pours out his love and appreciation for his wife, Morgane, in a way that’s bound to make even the toughest of cowboys shed a tear. And when Morgane joins in with her enchanting harmonies during the chorus, it’s like a musical love story you can’t help but smile at.

But that’s not all, folks! “It Takes A Woman” is just a taste of the goodness to come. Chris Stapleton’s album “Higher” boasts a full 14 tracks, set to be released on November 10.

Stapleton’s music journey into “Higher” kicked off with the powerful anthem “White Horse” and the sweet serenade “Think I’m In Love With You” last month. And from what we’ve had the privilege to hear so far, we can’t wait to listen to the much anticipated album.

Listen to “It Takes a Woman” Below: