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Circle’s Release of the Week: Wade Bowen’s “Cowboy Kid”

Wade Bowen is leading his audience on a profound journey with his new single “Cowboy Kid,” illuminating the timeless truth that life steers you toward your destined path, while the essence of your childhood self forever remains an important part of who you are.

“Cowboy Kid” is a reflective song about the singer’s nostalgia for his adventurous childhood as a “cap gun cowboy kid,” dreaming of Wild West heroes. The lyrics highlight the transition to adulthood, trading dreams for a guitar, and the complexities of passing experiences to the next generation. It’s a song about his journey of life and how the past shapes the present and future, earning its spot as Circle’s release of the week.

Listen to Wade Bowen’s “Cowboy Kid” on Circle’s ‘Release of the Week’ playlist below: