Circle’s Release of the Week: Dylan Schneider’s “Daddy Drinks Whiskey (Live From The Opry)”

Dylan Schneider’s powerful rendition of “Daddy Drinks Whiskey (Live From The Opry)” has taken the spot for Circle’s Release of the Week. This track delves deep into the struggles of alcoholism, with Dylan sharing his own family’s journey in a heartfelt and authentic way.

In this emotionally charged performance, Schneider doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of dealing with alcoholism. Through his vocals and lyrics, he paints a vivid picture of the challenges and heartaches that come along with this complex issue.

“Daddy Drinks Whiskey (Live From The Opry)” is a shared experience, a narrative that resonates with those dealing with the impact of addiction. Dylan Schneider invites listeners into his world, fostering a sense of community and solidarity in the form of a song.

Listen to Circle’s Release of the Week Below:

Stream “Daddy Drinks Whiskey” by clicking HERE.